Textile exports rise 25pc in July-January


KARACHI: Textile exports increased 25 per cent time-on- time in the first seven months of 2021-22, data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) showed on Wednesday.

The country exported$10.9 billion worth of cloth goods in July-January, PBS reported. In January alone, cloth deals in foreign requests generated$1.55 bn, up17.3 pc from a time ago.
The trend line, still, is headed south. January was the alternate successive month in which cloth exports recorded a drop over the antedating 30- day period. Yearly foreign deals in January dropped4.43 pc from December. Likewise, the month-on-month decline in December was6.45 pc.

According to Topline Securities critic Muhammad Saad Ziker, the yearly decline in cloth exports was driven by lower performance in value- added import parts, especially knitwear (-12pc) and readymade garments (-4pc).

Thanks to 4pc deprecation in the rupee against the bone, cloth exports in July-January amounted to Rs1.86 trillion, up 30pc from a time ago.

So far in the ongoing financial time, value- added fabrics have been the crucial motorist of exports with the largest donation coming from the knitwear member (33pc), followed by readymade garments (22pc) and bedwear (19pc), said Mr Ziker. Increased volumetric growth and bettered pricing have redounded in advanced exports, he added.

“ Going forward, we anticipate cloth exports to keep robust in 2021-22 to timepiece in at$18.5-$ 19bn. The easing in lockdowns in European husbandry is likely to drive increased orders and help overall cloth exports,” he said.

Pakistan’s trade deficiency so far in 2021-22 has been$28.9 bn after widening by92.5 pc from a time ago. Significances of petroleum products in the seven-month period amounted to$11.7 bn, up 107pc from a time ago. Transport- related significances also surged 88pc to$2.6 bn over the same period. Significances relating to husbandry and others expanded 91pc to$ 9bn on an periodic base.

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