Quetta: Once again in the line of fire


The attack on Police Training Centre Quetta on 24th October 2016 at 2310 hours is one of the most heinous in Pakistan’s history. The academy is about 13 Kilometres away from Quetta city. Three militants entered the training centre from the backside of the academy. One of them was a 12-year-old boy, carried grenades, AK-47s and suicide jackets. According to IG FC Maj Gen. Sher Afghan, the militants were in contact with their handlers in Afghanistan and the attack was monitored and controlled from there.

Two militants blew themselves while the forces killed one of them. The Quick Response Force (QRF) wing of Frontier Corps (FC) along with the Light battalion of Pakistan Army neutralized the attackers and cleared the academy in just four hours, which is a highly commendable act of our armed forces.

The attack left 61 personnel were martyred and 165 injured.

As these militants entered in the training centre, they headed towards the hostel wing. They blindly opened fire over the unarmed and sleeping police cadets.

Why were these, already passed out, cadets called back to the academy?

How these militants came to know that these cadets were still in the hostel?

These questions can only be answered after the complete investigation of the tragic incident. However, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan’s Commander Muhammad Khorasani denied the attack and said that his group is not involved in it.

However, a journalist got an email from Islamic State claiming the attack by four terrorists in Quetta Police Training Centre. Nonetheless, the other side of the picture have to be mention here. The radicalization of India against Pakistan is not clandestine. The continuous cease-fire violation at LoC by India clearly show their duplicity.

India and Afghanistan have been in a close relationship and both of the countries want to destabilise Pakistan. They signed the Chabahar Sea Port project with Iran. The attack can also be a ploy of India or the involvement of RAW in this attack cannot be ruled out as well. India is trying hard to damage the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

RAW’s involvement in Baluchistan is no mystery. Remarkably, a RAW agent Kulbhushan Yadav along with his companions was apprehended by the military intelligence in March 2016. Who were planning to damage CPEC project, the name of their mission was “Operation Blue Bird”.

The statement of Indian Home Minister clearly shows the involvement of India in terror attacks in Pakistan. However, the land and people of Afghanistan are being used by India for these purposes. Moreover, India has also been provoking the innocent Balochis against Government and Pakistan.

The tragic incident will never bring down the morale of our ebullient armed forces. As they know that, the nation stands with them and against the militancy. India and Afghanistan have been instigators of militancy in Pakistan. The involvement of India in this attack still have to be confirmed officially.

The ongoing combat operations languished militants but the danger is still on. Nevertheless, the efforts of our armed forces will not be fruitless.

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Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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