Pakistan to supply 400 balls for Blind Cricket World Cup


Pakistan will be supplying 400 cricket balls for the Blind Cricket World Cup scheduled to be held in Pakistan and UAE in January 2018, said Pakistan Blind Cricket Council (PBCC) Chairman Syed Sultan Shah.

“All blind cricket playing nations are using Pakistan manufactured cricket balls,” he told APP.

“Recently Australia and England had requested us for 1,000 cricket balls, each. We had sent 500 cricket balls to both the countries and as many are yet to be supplied,” he said.

Sultan further said that the schedule of the world cup will be announced on November 15.

“If Asian teams make it to the final then the final would be held in Pakistan but if European teams qualify for the top honour then it would be played in the United Arab Emirates (UAE),” he said.

He added the Nepalese team would be participating in the world cup for the first time.

The South African team will not participate in the cup while the other participating seven teams include Pakistan, West Indies, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal and Australia, he said.

He said the national squad for the cup will be announced on November 24. As many as 24 matches of the world cup will be played in the UAE while 7 matches will be played in Pakistan, he said.

Pakistan won two of these tournaments in 2002 and 2006 while the other two are won by South Africa (1998) and India (2014).


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