Nawaz’s Statement – Incorrect and Misleading


Pakistan is passing through one of the most crucial phases of its history. On one side its people are facing violation of ceasefire agreement across the line of control by India on the eastern border while on the other side safe havens of terrorists in neighboring country Afghanistan are spreading havoc in the country. Other than this, enemies of Pakistan frequently show their intentions of pushing it into diplomatic isolation. Since very long India is trying to declare Pakistan a terrorist state and also trying to persuade international community for imposing harsh economic sanctions on it. FATF case of blacklisting Pakistan is an intention of India.

In this situation, a very strange statement came from a person who has been elected three times as Prime Minister of Pakistan. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has been disqualified for holding any public office last year due to Panama case. Indeed his statement is worthless because it is by a person who has been disqualified due to corruption. In his statement, Nawaz indirectly tried to strengthen Indian stance against Pakistan before the international community. It is India who accuses Pakistan of harboring terrorism. Nawaz said that why we allowed them to cross the border and kill 150 people in Mumbai? He tried to blame Pakistani military agencies for being responsible for Mumbai attacks.

In fact, Mumbai attacks were totally Indian plotted drama which before a decade they had launched to gain international sympathies and to undermine Kashmiri freedom movements. Elias Davidsson a seasoned journalist and analyst wrote a book on this topic, The Betrayal of India 26/11, in which he has proved with solid evidence that Mumbai attack was the Indian sponsored drama. Although all drama of 26/11 was plotted in India Pakistan did more than what it can for its investigation and showed its commitment to peace for all. India did not provide proper evidence to Pakistan and hurriedly hanged Ajmal Aamir Kassab, the lone survivor among Mumbai attackers. There are also many different stories about Ajmal Kassab. According to the Guardian, he astonished the courtroom by saying that “I was not present in the Chhatrapati Shivaji terminal and I did not open fire inside the railway station. I have never seen an AK-47 in my life or even a rubber dingy”. Some other analysts also say that Ajmal was arrested from Nepal twelve days before 26/11.

Nawaz also accused that proceedings of Mumbai attacks in an anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi are stalled. He also said that nonstate actors and militant organizations are still active in Pakistan. While in reality, Pakistan has completed all its investigations despite no support from India. These investigations were made on fair trial bases. As far as militant organizations are concerned, Pakistan is acting totally in line with United Nations resolutions against terrorism. It has banned all militant organizations and has been fighting fiercely against all hew and crew of terrorism. Pakistan civil and military leadership has endorsed its viewpoint many times that it will not let Pakistani soil to be used against any country of the world and there are no safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan.

On the other hand, India is long been using Afghan soil for spoiling of peace in Pakistan. Commander Kulbhushan Jadhav is strong evidence that India is involved in anarchist activities in Pakistan. Ehsan Ullah Ehsan’s confession is also a clear proof that TTP and other militant organizations are nothing else than Indian proxies. America has recently denied Pakistan’s request of listing Umer al Khurasani in the international terrorist list.

However, abrogating all evidence against their own selves, Indian media hijacked this statement of Nawaz and launched a propaganda campaign against Pakistan. Pakistan National Security Council unanimously rejected and condemned this statement by regarding it incorrect and misleading. On Monday session of Senate, many senators also condemned Nawaz Shareef statement. In Parliament, many opposition leaders also made speeches against Shareef statement. PML-N leaders tried to wave all burden on Indian media but it is the reality that although Indian media exaggerated the Nawaz statement, it was Nawaz Shareef who let them a chance to use his statement against Pakistan.

Everybody either he is in government or in opposition or in the establishment; he is first of all Pakistani. He must think before giving any statement that either it is against Pakistan’s national interests or not as Pakistan is our common homeland. Nawaz Shareef should not try to channel his disqualification towards state institutes. He should defend himself before the court if he is not involved in corruption rather than harming Pakistan’s image before the world. The linkage between this statement and Dawn leaks can also be traced back. Producer of both stories is same Cyril Almeida. Objectives of dawn leaks and this statement are same, to malign the image of Pakistan security institutes. Weakening the image of our own institutions at such an important time when FATF is going to hold its session on Pakistan in June can be proved very dangerous. Not only, this statement will support agenda of our enemies but also undermine Nawaz Shareef own credibility in public in elections 2018 as this statement has now become a question mark on Nawaz patriotism.


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