LinkedIn Shakes Things Up with Major Website Redesign


LinkedIn has gotten its first ever complete redesign since its beginning nearly 15 years ago. The new site now dramatically reduces clutter, feature new navigation tools and runs faster and now is more in sync with its mobile applications.

What’s new?



According to a news release by LinkedIn, the new redesign is made to be more innovative, valuable and intuitive. The navigation and design is greatly simplified and much more like the mobile version of LinkedIn, so now both the desktop and mobile version are consistent.

Built on a single-page application, the new design offers a snappy and cohesive experience. Because it doesn’t require full page reloads now, expect a more smooth and seamless transitions when you engage with the site.

Both the desktop and mobile version having the same back and front end means that LinkedIn will now be able to release updates much fast across platforms and still keep them unified.

On the navigation bar, you now get seven sections to move between: Home, messaging, jobs, notifications, me, my network and search.

The news feed now gives more of a Facebook type of feel. Trending stories are made visible by human editors and algorithms. You can also unfollow and hide posts easily. Ways to read and learn more about a specific topic that is relevant to you will also be added in the near future. There’s also an option to “like” and “comment” on posts, which is a lot what you find on Facebook.



Search results are more intuitive and you now have the universal search to easily find people, jobs, companies and groups. Searches can also be further be refined by using filter options on the right hand side.



Perhaps one of the most important and notable changes in the design is the inclusion of the new real-time messaging interface that will now be available at the bottom of every page. Private messages have always been an important part of LinkedIn.

You use it to connect to other people and other organization too that are looking to hire. Instead of having to go to separate places that moves you away from the main page, you can now have a pop-up window at any time on the bottom of your screen.



LinkedIn mentioned that the new redesign is rolling out globally to users and not everyone will be able to see it right now. It is, however, available in Pakistan right now as you can see from the above image.

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