India to use Afghan trucks for sending aid to Afghanistan through Pakistan


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan on Friday allowed utilization of Afghan trucks for shipping Indian compassionate guide to Afghanistan.

“It has been chosen to permit the utilization of Afghan trucks for transportation from Wagah boundary to Torkham,” FO representative Asim Iftikhar said.

The choice was passed on to the Charge d’Affaires of India at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he said.

The move came as European Union’s emissary to Afghanistan Tomas Niklasson asked both Islamabad and Delhi to determine issues concerning the exchange of Indian philanthropic guide to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan, the UNDP fears, could confront the most exceedingly awful compassionate emergency of its set of experiences with almost 23 million individuals confronting fast approaching serious craving and millions liable to sink into neediness.

Pakistan had last week permitted Indian help for the conflict-torn nation to travel through its domain on what was portrayed as “an outstanding reason for compassionate purposes”.

India had proposed to give 50,000 metric huge loads of wheat and lifesaving drugs in a compassionate guide for individuals of Afghanistan.

Issues, nonetheless, emerged at the hour of arranging modalities for shipment of the guide among Pakistan and India. India needed its own trucks to convey help products up to the Afghan boundary, however, the move was not satisfactory to Pakistan.

A proposition with respect to surrendering the help to UN organizations was additionally thought of.

Apparently at last as a trade-off Pakistan has permitted India to utilize Afghan trucks for transportation of merchandise through the Wagah line.

Mr. Iftikhar said Pakistan’s choice “shows the responsibility and reality of the Government of Pakistan to work with the proposed compassionate help”.

Delhi was asked to “speedily” make essential strides for conveyance of philanthropic help to Afghanistan.

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