‘Improved facilities at govt schools attract students’


SWABI: Parents have started withdrawing their children from private schools and putting them into the public sector educational institutions owing to improved teaching methods and facilities in the latter.

This was observed at a meeting of a local NGOs body here the other day. Pakistan Coalition for Education (PCA) and Huquq-ul-Ibad (HI), which are working for welfare of children, organised the event.

Speakers said facilities and quality of education at the public sector schools had improved, prompting parents to send their children there.

The meeting was informed that the provincial government had constructed 15 examination centres, 26 modern science laboratories, 23 computer laboratories and playgrounds in 72 institutions across the Swabi district.

The parent-teacher council (PTC) had been reorganised; six high schools upgraded to secondary level, four middle schools to high level and five primary schools to the middle level, it was revealed.

Ghaza Bacha, sub-division education officer, said a number of teachers had been appointed on merit, adding about 1,000 teachers had received training. A campaign to enroll out of school children is also underway, he maintained.

He informed the meeting that about 2,000 students had switched from private schools to the public sector schools.

Another education official said the government had constructed additional classrooms in a number of schools in the district.

Amjid Ali, focal person of HI, lauded the government policy aimed at improving education standard at public sector schools.

Meanwhile, principals and owners of private schools told Dawn that they were offering special fee concessions and free admissions to woo competent students.

However, parents complained that private school had been increasing the fees without any check from the authorities concerned.




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