Defence Day: A Day of Reminders


Defence Day of Paksitan, 6 September, PakIndo War, 1965 War,Defense Day, the day reminds us of a lot of heroes, their glorious accounts, tales of martyrdom and selfless sacrifices. Many brave men have carved these days in the history with their blood and unmatched sacrifices. This is the day; when we remind ourselves, when take a trip down memory lane, recall and pay service to all those who gave their precious lives to protect the honor of this land.

Observing the present scenario, I feel we as a nation are seriously lacking in national unity. There is a visible decline in values and priorities. During the 1965 Indo-Pak war, the whole nation, the civilian and uniform personnel stood together as a rock against the odds with great national fervor and harmony which turned the face of tides towards the enemy. At the moment, we are passing through more physically and mentally demanding war and conflicts. The unconventional wars we are fighting for a decade have taken a huge toll in terms of human loss, infrastructure damage, economic loss and internal instability.Besides war against ‘Takfiris’, there was a rise in sectarian conflicts and few small scale separatist movements. Last few years were extremely challenging for Pakistan, but somehow our security forces and the resilient civilians managed to overcome that time. Though, the situation is not stable or very peaceful, but still the national struggle made it to come this far.

The soldiers and civilians who have martyred during this decade have surpassed all the past figures. More soldiers have martyred and got injured in this war against terrorism, then combined figures of 1949, 1965, 1971 wars, Sichen and Kargil conflicts. In short, over the years, the sacrifices by our armed forces and civilians have increased, and the tributes and recognition have seen a visible decline. We need to highlight the role of media, which is very important in this entire scenario. Media should play its positive role in uplifting the morale of all those contributing their share towards a peaceful and prosperous Pakistan.

The present scenario is way too difficult as compared to the once we faced earlier. Conventional warfare is far easy and manageable than the unconventional warfare.After the Kargil war, this war on terror is one of the greatest confrontations, Pakistan would ever face. Guerilla warfare tactics are used by the inland enemy against our military. Dynamics of this decade long conflict are far more complex and unpredictable than all the previous confrontations. Volatility and uncertainty prevails at all levels and spheres. Enemy combined with its tactics and dynamics have caused huge loss of lives, besides serious damage to the infrastructure and economy.From time to time, our armed forces have gone from lows and highs, and have proven to be one of the best forces in the world, when it comes to professionalism, courage, bravery and competence.

If one closely observe, something that remains constant is the courage, motivation and bravery of our soldiers. Today’s soldier is as filled with enthusiasm and laden with bravery as the soldier of 1965 war. The strength is still unmatchable as it was in 1965. The operation Zarb-e-Azb is as dynamic, spirited and filled with sacrifices as operations during 1965. The generations have passed, but the motivation to do countless has gone inherent among the dedicated sons of this land.

We should not forget that we are still passing through a war-phase. Those areasthat have been cleared are going through post-war rehabilitation and reconstruction phase. Operation Zarb-e-Azb is a very important military operation which is undergoing in North Waziristan. If we observe, all these days are “Defence Days” for us. Still our armed forces are selflessly sacrificing for the national honor and our brethren of North Waziristan who are fighting a war on behalf of all Pakistanis. Time and again, through different incidents and aspects, we are being reminded of the importance of national unity, and we really need to learn the lessons and move forward.

The Defense Day, besides highlighting and reminding us the great sacrifices and heroic acts of our brave armed forces, also remind us our duties and responsibilities towards this country and its people. It reminds us of our internal instabilities and glitches and our role in national unity and harmony. Time and again, these days remind us, that if today we are united in our paths, we can still witness the miracles that were seen during the 1965 Indo-Pak war. The fervor can still be felt and the commitment witnessed during 1965 war can still be made. National unity, harmony and discipline among the ranks and files, prioritization of certain tasks and responsibilities may lead us towards a prosperous Pakistan.

Thousands have sacrificed their lives for the honor and dignity of this land and this proud green flag and many are ready to spill their blood. This land is guarded by valiant sons and daughters, and it can never be harmed by evil intentions till the last man standing.

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