Zong launched 4G services in Gwadar


KARACHI: One of Pakistan’s telecom network, Zong 4G, has launched its operations in the port city of Gwadar, the future international business hub which has already seen foreign and local investment amounting to billions of dollars and rupees.

The launch of 4G services in Gwadar implies that foreign citizens from across the globe and local residents who have been pursuing their respective business endeavours in the port city will have unhindered access to 4G technology against reasonably affordable tariff. The move is likely to boost online businesses in the fast developing international city and the adjoining belt of rural Sindh.

With its 4G consumer base already having exceeded the 6 million mark, Zong eyes to keep expanding its matchless voice and data services.

“Zong 4G’s network expansion symbolises our customer centric approach to ensure that the interests of consumers stay above all the rest by offering them best and affordable network,” the telecom company said in a statement.

It stated, “We keep expanding our operational portfolio to ensure enhanced operations in cities, towns, villages, and far-flung areas.”

The ongoing momentum of the rapid network expansion implies that Zong 4G continues to invest heavily in modernisation of the mobile network to respond to growing market needs.


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