Zara Sochiye: Really a Symbol of Guidance?


Zara Sochiya

Uniqueness always hits the minds and it is always been used to attract the audience. And uniqueness in thoughts has always been appreciated. Today, people are keen to learn more and more as they want their lives to be more advantageous, prosperous and favorable to them. And in this scenario, when something spectacular comes in front of them, they just blindly go for it. Media has always played a wide role in such scenes. A large number of awareness programs and documentaries are being displayed on our television sets.

Geo Television Network, being one of the most successful channel of Pakistan has somehow always been involved in conspiracies. It has many times been targeted as disloyal to the country. Zara Sochiye, a very impressive and remarkable project of Geo Television Network is also suffering from evangelism of misleading and propagandizing the audience. This project was restarted in 2012. At that time it was the most astonishing, extraordinary and astounding program which displayed many short films of approximately 2 minutes in which there were many encouraging, inspirational and heartening stories of the Muslim world and of many flourishing blooms of our society who have suffered from so many hardships but still educated themselves.

Whenever any documentary of ZS was aired, the television viewer has fully concentrated on that eye catching story. But slowly and deliberately these documentaries turned into the source of indoctrination. People realized that this education campaign is somehow tutoring un-affirmative edification. A very large number of observers have noticed Zara Sochiye’s wrong preaching, like promoting literacy over faith, democracy over Islam, foreign culture over our own and the most ridiculous attempt was the short film which humiliated the Muslim Emperors. This clip is the comparison of 500 years of East with the West in which Muslim history is degraded in front of the West.

To add some more zest into it, the news of Zara Sochiye being funded by abroad to the extent of £20 million is spreading virally over the internet. Some people think that it is the US propaganda because after Raymond Davis’ incident and the drone attacks, the Pakistani citizens have developed a negative image of US. Aamir Ghauri, former director of the ARY and Dunya News channels said, “If you ask a Pakistani television viewer about the US, the only response you’ll get is negative. The media has been instrumental in breaking bridges rather than building them.”

Nonetheless, the US State Department continues to invest heavily, funnelling money into Pakistani Broadcasting in a variety of ways- some obvious, others more discrete. After viewing many discussions on different social websites it is clearly visible that people are upset with ZS and with the degradation of the Muslim Era. Most people even said that they are playing with the young generation and with those who are weak in faith. They are building a false image of Muslims infront of the whole World.

This is not the first time when this kind of mortifying, downgrading and opprobrious publication has been done. We have always been the victim of deception and misguidance. In all honesty, our biggest problem is that the majority people of our society tend to believe in anything that is being shown or told. They never try to find the truth or motive behind the scene. Fortunately, ZS has been caught by a huge number of observers. God knows what’s the truth but what most eyes are seeing is something deceptive, fraudulent and counterfeit.

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  1. Dear Javx,
    I read your article and it forced me to think deeply about this issue. You are right, indeed this is not the first time when we are misguided and misled. We should not blindly believe in everything!
    Thanks a lot for writing on this issue!
    I see a great and writer in you!
    keep up the good work!


  2. Once again the true objective of PKKH is revealed…in this article that exposes the hate that the writer has for anything negative said about Muslims including their actual history…he also reveals himself to be anti western by somehow blaming the west for paying the media in Pakistan even though he says that the same media is publishing negative stories about the west?…PKKH agenda is clear and that it will try to find a conspiracy in anything that does not originate in Islam…by doing this it is confusing the people of Pakistan with misinformation about who their real enemy is …therefore it is also clear that Some PKKH writers are working for the enemies of Pakistan…

  3. Media Commission report shows that the Zara Sochiye was funded by indian channel ‘Doordarshan’. I am not saying its report telling this. Again one more reality for Eddied (but he would not believe as usual… so no worries 🙂 )

  4. Dear Javeria,

    Nice article. Being a Muslim, I feel skeptic about this campaign which aims at transforming the basis of Pakistan “Parhne likhney Kay Siwa, Pakistan ka Matlab Kia?”

    But we were very keen to know your opinion rather than of the populace of Pakistan.

  5. hey Javx….yr article is quite good beleve me…but you have to accept that we being the pioneer of education and research have lost the focus from education…we who are taught from the first Wahi to read….and the west people whether you accept it or not they are FAR beyond us in the educational fields…thats why they are sooo far from us in technology…..if we realize the importance of education (which i think is being picturized in the documentary)it would solve many problems in our counrty…i think anything you see creates the impact in mind which you want to create whether positive or negative…as being the case….

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