Zainab Ameen: A Wake Up Call


It has been 2 days of massive protest across the country, cars, bikes, public properties ablaze. Social media erupted with the condemnation, suggesting punishments, cursing government, establishment, politics has also been shined on this social cause. Why we made such efforts or protests? This protest is for a bud that not yet been bloomed, an angel who has not seen or lived her life properly, a bird who did not even taken her flight properly. Absolutely, I am talking about none other than; Zainab Ameen. A seven-year-old bud that has been crushed brutally by the evil-minded people, pedophiles who are wandering in the streets of Kasur that has been a hub of Child assault since 2006.

Child molestation highlighted in the year 2015 when 280-300 children (mostly male) were raped, beaten, forced to make inappropriate videos, even their families were threatened, extorted by the influencers. According to news reports, those influencers have strong links with a Member of Provincial Assembly. At that time, we protested, shocked and condemned the issue strictly. Unfortunately, child abduction, assaults, and rapes were not countered or eliminated in Kasur. According to a Senior Program Officer of an NGO (working on Child abuse); Sahil, Mr. Mumtaz Gohar, more than 700 cases of child molestation reported alone in Kasur since 2015. In Kasur, the year 2015, 451 child assault cases reported, in the year 2016, 141 cases reported (mostly assault). In the year 2017, 129 cases of Child assault reported (only in Kasur), 4 kidnapping and gang-rape cases, 6 abduction and rape cases, 17 attempts to rape cases, 19 sodomy cases, 23 rape cases, and 34 abduction cases.

On Tuesday night, news agencies broken the news of dead body of a seven-year-old girl found in the piles of garbage gang-raped and then strangled to death. As being an honorable nation, protests took over the country and still protesting. But what’s next? After a week, we will forget Zainab and those other girls or children who’ve been dishonored in our country as we have forgotten the girl who was gang-raped and wandered in the streets of her village as a decision of “Local Panchayat”. At that time (October 2017), we (Pakistanis) were welcoming Sri Lanka’s Cricket Team and showing Gratitude that they came on our home ground and played. Regrettably, no words for that girl who dishonored in front of the member of Local Panchayat and then wandered nude across the Village.

Eman Fatima, Sanna, Fouzia, and other girls have also been the victim of Child assault. The story does not stop on girls only, boys like Imran, a six-year-old boy raped and then thrown away from the rooftop of Madrasa, his dead body remained in street for 5 hours but no one came to help him or even transfer him to the morgue. We shall forget Zainab Ameen too, as we have forgotten all those victims. In February, we shall celebrate or get busy Pakistan Super League (PSL), forgetting the case, we shall not have any concern that whether the culprits of Zainab arrested or not, did she or her family got Justice? Apologetically, if the culprits got arrested, our judicial system shall grant them bail (as they used to do). It is a bitter truth, hard to swallow but it is the reality.

Apart from the system, Parents should also be aware and more responsible towards their children. We Muslims took religion very seriously, (it should be) but life and security of your children are more important than performing religious practices. If you wanted to perform, then the guardians should take their children along with them. By leaving, your child(ren) might be perilous for them and for the parents too. It is a humble request to all parents, that they should take proper measures to take special care of their children. No one is responsible for them as they are your responsibility, religious obligations are essential, but they are too. Kindly open your eyes be concerned towards your children.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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