Youth commits suicide in Kashmir’s Kulgam, expanding self destruction cases raise alert


A 24-year-old Kashmiri youth committed suicide on Sunday within the Kulgam district. The rising cases of suicide within the valley within the past year became an explanation for concern.

A24-year-old youth in Kashmir committed suicide on Sunday by jumping into Aharbal waterfall within the Kulgam district.

Official sources told India Today TV that the youth (name withheld) from Sangam village of Kulgam appeared near Aharbal waterfall this afternoon and within the blink of a flash jumped into it.

“Rescuers immediately swung into the action but couldn’t save his life,” the sources said.

Notably, suicide cases have seen a surge within the Kashmir valley in recent months, especially during the second wave of Covid-19.

According to experts, economic distress, substance abuse, and frequent violence are the most reason for the increase in suicide cases in Kashmir.

The experts said suicidal tendencies during a person also can be caused thanks to depression, anxiety, hopelessness, marital discord, love-affair-gone-wrong, and poverty.

As per some reports, quite 100 people, mostly youth, have committed suicides within the valley during the last six months.

Over 500 suicide cases from different areas of the valley are reported at Srinagar’s Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) hospital last year, as per official figures.

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