Yet another Great Wall



Following the footsteps of Israel in the Middle East, India is also planning to build a massive security wall along the line of Control in Kashmir now. Indeed, the birds of feather always flock together. The proposed ‘Great Wall of Kashmir’ would be bigger in size both in terms of height and width than the Great Wall of China or any other wall ever built for the same purpose. Apparently, the purpose for the construction of this security barrier is to stop infiltrators from entering the Indian held Kashmir by secretly crossing the LoC. But, India’s real motive behind this move is to fortify itself and further consolidate its illegal occupation on the disputed state of Jammu and Kashmir. At the time when the government of Pakistan is extending an olive branch to India, an arbitrary and unilateral action like this is really deplorable.

The Line of Control is just a cease fire line drawn by the UN under some temporary and provisional arrangements in the past. It is not an international border. Therefore, India should refrain from unilaterally changing the legal status of the LoC by such moves. The Line of Control that is often termed as the Asia’s Berlin wall consists of double row of high fences with concertina wire and thousands of landmines laid in-between. It has also been electrified and further secured by heavy guards, motion sensors, thermal imaging devices and some lighting and alarm systems. All these things can definitely make any infiltration almost impossible. So, in the presence of such effective arrangements, the construction of another heavy wall is quite pointless and totally unjustified.
In the post 9/11 regional perspective, it is not the India but Pakistan that has become the primary target of militancy and extremism. At present, Pakistan doesn’t have any effective security barrier on its western border. Ironically, the Great Wall of China could not prevent the fall of its architects in the ancient China. The Berlin wall could not resist the reunification of Germany much longer. Likewise, the well-known iron curtain could not hide the glow of the ‘Free World’ behind it for a long time. Therefore, the LoC or any other artificial human barrier will also eventually fail in dividing the Kashmiri people or otherwise bifurcating their motherland permanently.


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  1. Any Pakistani who allows this to happen or any government is an enemy of us Kashmiris.
    This is a Line Of Control and we have the right to BLOW up this dirty Ganges civilisation designs.

    We wait what the fat punjabi has to say, will his Kashmiri descent within ever grow a nscious.

    • I agree. Just like it is your right to blow it up, it is our right to help the oppressed people in Balochistan.

      Blow away Paki. After all, that the only thing you guys can do a half decent job of !!

      And you’ll even get your 72 virgins while you’re ehem ehem … blowing 😉


  2. Bombman,

    Where does it say in our scriptures that we have 72 virgins and this is what we strive for.

    We strive for FREEDOM from a raping, brutal dirty filthy Ganges Civilsiation ARMY who occupy our land and pollute the beautiful Indus.

    Furthermore go tell your mothers to have intercourse with a dead horse in the vedic way as written in your scriptures or get your females married to a rat, a dog all witnessed and reported in the vedic way.

    Furthermore go and support Balochis…

    Go for it and while your at it replace the USA Army with your dirty ganges soldiers who you bollywoodise..

    GO for it NO BODY IS stopping you.

  3. I think India should give Kashmir to Pakistan, once Pakistan has completed the following:
    1) Takes back all Sikhs and Hindus whose families were forcefully pushed out to India in 1947 against rules of partition and restores their ancestral property back to them. This will be about 40 million or more people.
    2) Pays compensation to the descendants of the above people for their family members who were murdered in 1947.
    3) Pakistan agrees to take all Muslims from India (about 200 million) as Pakistan is the designated homeland for Indian Muslims.

    If Pakistan does not do above,then Kashmir should be kept by India, but all Muslims in Kashmir and India should be given option to move to Pakistan as it is the designated homeland for Indian Muslims.

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