Yet Again in Kashmir, Holy Quran is Targeted by Miscreants


Quran Kashmir

Kashmir: Violent protests erupted in Bijbehara town of south Kashmir’s Anantnag district on Saturday after locals found verses written over the paper used in fire crackers.

According to reports some kids in the Zirpora area of the town were bursting fire crackers and found Quranic verses on the piece of paper used to wrap the fire cracker, after it exploded, reported Rising Kashmir, a local news paper of Indian Occupied Kashmir

The local youth in Bijbehara came onto the streets soon as the news spread and clashed with the police and the CRPF personnel, who were already deployed across the town in wake of a protest call extended by the separatist leadership.

People came out in large numbers in the area while clashes between youth and the government forces continued till last reports were received from the area

Someone is trying to provoke the anger of Muslims to instigate the ethnic clashes with in Kashmir.

First it was Ramban where Indian Army targeted Quran, and then upon protest, killed more then 12 people and injured severals, then after that, in Kishtawar, they tried to instigate violence, when a Sikh officer were found in the ranks of Muslims during Eid Prayers, which sparked another episode of violence with in Kashmir and today this firecracker issue has popped up.

India is playing dirty, busting every day, its claims of Secularism and Religious harmony, Kashmir and Quran are particularly targeted because of known reasons.
Kashmir is fueled up again today with agitation against such acts of hidden hands.

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  1. Someone is trying to provoke the anger of Muslims to instigate the ethnic clashes with in Kashmir.

    So let me guess. It must be India, because that’s what India wants. Riots in Kashmir where there is economic loss, and loss to the life of soldiers and civilians.


    the more logical answer – must be the doggies from across the border because all they really want is a state of war, and they can’t see a little bit of peace and prosperity in Kashmir.

    either way, if a verse from a Koran is found on piece of paper – does it make it holy? I’ve seen verses written on Walls. Or even a website? Perhaps that website is holy as well?

    Basically – muslims are idiots still living in 7th century Arabia. Please migrate to the land of the Arabs

  2. No other media source is running this story…which questions if it is true?…or is it a biased media attempt to promote unrest and disharmony in the region?…shame on PKKH for this blatant attempt to create hatred between Muslims and Hindus…inflammatory rhetoric is of no value if your objective is to be peaceful…it is only useful to warmongers…

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