World Bank loan to help Sindh improve disaster risk management


ISLAMABAD: The Sindh government will launch a project during the next financial year with a World Bank loan of $100 million to improve resilience against natural disasters in the province, official sources .

The ‘Sindh Resilience Project’ will envisage improving systems at the provincial government and key agencies for disaster management, with focus on enhancing resilience to hydro-meteorological disasters, such as floods and droughts, through investments in physical infrastructure.

Negotiations between the World Bank and the Sindh government have established floods and droughts as the highest priority areas owing to high frequency and impact. The dialogue has further identified critical needs in these areas, along with an estimate of resources needed to address these priorities.

The World Bank executive board is scheduled to approve the soft loan from the International Development Association in its meeting on June 20, sources said.

The project will use the government depart­ments for implementation.

The use of mainstream departments and agencies will ensure that the incremental capacity, technical knowledge and implementation experience continue to remain available to the institutions even after the project ends.

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