Won’t let down Pakistan Army, says Younus Khan


Pakistan veteran batsman Younus Khan vowed on Monday that the national cricket team will not let down the nation’s army which is currently training them at Army School of Physical Training in Kakul.

“Everyone had a lot of worries and queries when the fitness camp was organised for the national team,” Younus said in a video interview. “As players, we also had a few queries that will happen at the camp; though, this is my third camp here but still we didn’t know what to expect.”

The 38-year-old then went on to explain what actually happened when they started their camp on May 14. “But from the day we came here on May 14, the way the team has progressed has been amazing,” he said. “The army has helped us a lot. We were thinking that we will be pushed a lot and we will have to put in a lot of hard work and that did eventually happen but the respect that we received from our trainers was amazing.”

Younus also couldn’t hide his love for the army’s training regime. “I am a big fan now of the army’s fitness camp. I wish that I had trained with the army and their trainers during my youth as I would have been in better shape now.”

The right-hand batsman also vowed to deliver results. “I am saying this from the bottom of my heart that we gained a lot from here. We will now try as best as possible that we don’t let down the Pakistan Army and their trainers. We will try our best to fulfill all the expectations of our fans as players and as a team.”

First few days were tough: Sarfraz Ahmed


However, Pakistan T20 captain Sarfraz Ahmed admitted the first few days of the fitness camp were hard with the army but the players are now enjoying it.

“The camp is amazing and we are enjoying it,” said Sarfraz. “When we came here, the first few days were quite tough but now day by day improvements are becoming visible and the boys are enjoying the camp now.”

The 29-year-old thanked the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and army for joining hands and helping cricketers in improving their fitness.

“I think the credit goes to the PCB for organising this camp which provided the boys with an opportunity to improve their fitness,” said Sarfraz. “The army staff is doing an amazing job with us. They are working hard with us.”

The wicketkeeper-batsman further said he hopes this camp will help the players now and in the future as well.

“I hope that after this camp there will be a lot of improvement in the fitness standards of the players,” he said. “We are feeling better than before and I hope we can carry on with the routines that we learnt here which will help us in the future.”

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