Women police officers bravely patrol roads in Peshawar


“If you feel scared even after wearing a uniform, then what kind of a soldier are you?” Kalsoom questions as she patrols the provincial capital which was once ravaged by the scourge of terrorism.

The member of the City Patrol Force in Peshawar spends eight hours patrolling the roads every day. “Once we have decided that we will safeguard our country and its people, then there’s no fear,” Kalsoom says while speaking to Geo News.

Along with Zahida, an assistant sub-inspector, Kalsoom is the first responder in case of any criminal activity, road accident or emergency situation.

The two officers were inducted into the City Police Force on the basis of their commendable performance.

Equipped with modern gadgets and facilities, Kalsoom and Zahida receive updates on any criminal activity or untoward incident which takes place in the city.

“We have to conduct raids and perform different duties every day,” Zahida says while explaining the nature of her job.

The City Patrolling Force in Peshawar currently includes four women – two deployed within the city and two in cantonment areas of the city.


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