With an increase in cybercrime,Facebook introduces safety feature for profile pictures


With an increase in cybercrime, Facebook is taking steps to prevent incidents of online abuse.

Their latest measure is introducing a tool in Pakistan preventing others from downloading profile pictures of other users by adding “a design to the picture.”

“Profile pictures are an important part of building community on Facebook because they help people find friends and create meaningful connections. But not everyone feels safe adding a profile picture,” said Nashwa Aly, Head of Policy, Facebook Middle East, and Africa.

The social media giant has carried out research with people and safety organisations finding that women in Pakistan tend to be vulnerable when it comes to sharing their own pictures on social media platform s. To help protect them, Facebook’s new tool will not let anyone download profile pictures or share it externally.


“Statistics from our Cyber Harassment Helpline, show that women are the most vulnerable when it comes to online safety in Pakistan. From fake profiles to doctored images, women face very real risks online,” said Nighat Dad, Digital Rights Foundation.

“Facebook’s new Profile Picture Guard is a great tool to help women reclaim their online space. It will let women take control of their identities online and help them to start a larger discourse of countering online gendered harassment,” she further added.

The ‘profile picture guard’ will not only disable the sharing or downloading of your profile picture option but also not let a person screenshot the profile picture on android devices.


If you haven’t already noticed it, the feature is the blue bordered profile picture with a shield at the bottom. Last year, the same tool was tested in India.


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