We will never go to Meerut: Suspended Kashmiri Students


We will never go to meerut


Stating that they are willing to study in Kashmir valley alone, the group of 67 students who were suspended due to cheering for Pakistan during a cricket match Thursday stated that they are scared that the communal forces might attack them once they return to varsity in Meerut.

The reports received by KNS informed that the suspended students Thursday categorically stated that they are not returning to Meerut as they feel ‘threatened’ and ‘insecure’.

The students maintained further they feel ‘dejected’ by the chief minster Omar Abdullah and that, in the midst of the worst crises, their security and future is at stake.

“The recent attack on Kashmiri students at Delhi has vindicated that how much insecure are the youth of Kashmir outside valley- we ourselves and our families are much worried over the issue at present and reality is that we don’t want to return to Meerut,” said one of the suspended student on the condition of anonymity. He added that the politics for the vested interests is being played with our career.

“Irony is this that the VC of our university stated that our suspension has not been revoked and the same will be done once the probe into the incident is complete. Contrary to this- for gaining the political scores Junaid Matoo- someone deputed by the government over the issue says he has resolved everything and now students can go to Meerut at ease.”

The students observed further that they continuously are receiving the reports that the communal forces in the university are planning something fishy against us and that we are concerned now over our career. The students maintained that if other institutions could accommodate them here then they are willing to study in their own homeland.

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