Whirlwind Friday at Twitter sees layoffs and lawsuit


TWITTER: Temporarily closed its services on Friday after thousands of workers were ordered to stay home and await their fate as the company blazoned mass layoffs, as part of new proprietor Elon Musk’s plans for a “major overhaul of the company”.

A company-wide dispatch said Twitter workers would admit word on their future at the company via dispatch at the launch of business on Friday, according to AFP.

“In an trouble to place Twitter on a healthy path, we will go through the delicate process of reducing our global pool,” the company dispatch said.

The dispatch didn’t give a number but the Washington Post and New York Times reported about half of Twitter’s 7,500 workers – substantially grounded in San Francisco – will be let go.

The company said in order to “insure the safety” of workers and sensitive data, the main services would remain unrestricted and all emblem access suspended. “Those on the way to the office should turn around and return home,” the dispatch added.

It also said that those still employed at the company would find out on their company dispatch, while those shown the door would get notice on their particular dispatch.

AFP reported the office in Piccadilly Circus, London, appeared vacated, with no workers in sight. A member of security staff at Twitter’s EMEA headquarters in Dublin told journalists that nothing was coming into the office on Friday and workers had been told to stay home. Twitter workers vented their frustrations about the layoffs on the social network, using the hashtag #OneTeam.

Stoner Rachel Bonn twittered “Last Thursday in the SF(San Francisco) office, really the last day Twitter was Twitter. 8 months pregnant and have a 9 month old. Just got cut off from laptop access.”

“Looks like Im jobless yall. Just got ever logged out of my work laptop and removed from Slack,” twittered a stoner with the account@SBkcrn, whose profile is described as a former elderly community director at Twitter.

“Spoiler Alert I don’t have a job, ” twitteredex-employee Blake Herzinger as others reported losing access to company waiters and dispatch accounts.

The layoffs were anticipated since Mr Musk acquired the company and pledged to cut costs.

On Thursday, he directed Twitter’s brigades to free up$ 1bn in periodic structure cost savings by slashing backing for pall services and waiters, the Guardian reported, adding that further layoff could be on the cards.

The Washington Post, citing an internal source, said the pending layoffs were anticipated to impact the company astronomically, with cuts in marketing, product, engineering, legal, and trust and safety.

Late on Thursday, a group of five Twitter workers, who had formerly been fired, filed a class action complaint — a action that permits one or further complainants to file and make on behalf of a larger group – against the company, Bloomberg reported.

They contended they hadn’t been given the needed 60- day notice period as needed by law.

Attorney Shannon Liss- Riordan, who filed a analogous action over June layoffs at Musk’s automaker TeslaInc., said she “will be covering the situation” at Twitter to insure workers admit applicable notice and compensation.

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