What Taliban are doing has nothing to do with Pakistan: PM


Prime Minister Imran Khan said yesterday that Pakistan has tried its utmost for a political solution in Afghanistan.

Interacting with the Afghan media representatives here, he reiterated there’s no military solution to the Afghan conflict. He stressed that an inclusive government is that the only solution for peace and stability in Afghanistan.

The PM regretted the accusatory statements that have recently emanated from Afghanistan against Pakistan. He said no country has tried as hard as Pakistan to bring the Taliban to the table of negotiations.

Imran Khan said Pakistan wants peace in Afghanistan to access the Central Asian countries. He said we’ve signed an agreement with Uzbekistan for a railway project through Afghanistan.

The Prime Minister said if there’s a war in Afghanistan, it’ll almost spill over to Pakistan’s tribal areas. this is often the last item we would like as Pakistan has already lost 70,000 people within the war on terrorism, he added. The PM said there are already three million Afghan refugees in Pakistan and given our economic conditions, we cannot afford to possess another influx of refugees. Imran Khan made it clear that Pakistan has no favorites in Afghanistan and not following the policy of strategic depth any longer.

To an issue, he said we’ve built a 90pc fence along the border with Afghanistan at an enormous cost to prevent outflow and inflow into Pakistan. Ninety percent of work has been completed thereon, he added.

He said what the Taliban do has nothing to try to do with us. He said Pakistan isn’t liable for its actions.

When asked about the long-term relationship with Afghanistan, PM expressed the arrogance that when things calm down there, we’ll have the simplest of relationships. He said this relationship will get stronger with each passing year. He said both countries need one another and it’ll be an interdependent relationship.

To an issue, the PM said India took away the statehood of illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir through illegal steps of 5th August 2019. He said there are UN resolutions that accept the proper self-determination of the Kashmiri people. He said we’ll not sit with India until it restores the statehood of the disputed territory.

He regretted that India today is being controlled by the RSS ideology which is anti-Pakistan and anti-Muslim.

Provision of justice commoner top priority: PM

Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that ensuring the provision of speedy and straightforward justice to the commoner is that the foremost priority of the govt.

He lectured the Attorney General of Pakistan Khalid Javed Khan on Thursday.

Imran Khan said the govt is committed to supplying every possible assistance and resource to the judiciary to get rid of obstacles within the way of access to justice and make the judiciary simpler.

The Attorney General apprised the Prime Minister about different judicial matters, ongoing reforms within the justice system, and Water Commission Report.

The PM commended the efforts of Justice Shahid Kareem regarding the Water Commission Report. He said water may be a highly critical issue and Justice Shahid Kareem’s interest and efforts during this regard are appreciable.

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