‘Weaponized’ Decisions Against the People


The incumbent PML-N led government is making vengeful economic decisions that are creating ripples of mass hysteria.

Petroleum prices have risen to their highest point in Pakistan’s history. People were already wailing about growing inflation, so the government slashed the price of petroleum items by Rs. 30, then another Rs. 30, causing tremors and shaking for a moment.

Petroleum is regarded as the nation’s primary source of energy. Making gasoline more costly not only makes it pricey, but it also makes everything else more expensive indirectly. People are already fed up with rising costs, and instead of providing relief, the government is throwing petrol bombs. The practice of dropping price rise bombs on the public will cost the government a lot of money, and it might have very serious ramifications for those in power in the future.

It is apparent that the ruling coalition has been attacking the previous administration for growing inflation and gasoline costs. It was intimated that if the coalition administration came into power, the people would be free of inflation and taxation. The price of the basics of life will not rise, people will be relieved of inflation, and justice will be secured.

Our public is so naive that we continue to challenge the same people in power and fall into a trap in which the people’s hopes are pinned once again, but the people’s hopes have not been fulfilled before and will not be fulfilled in the future, because every incoming government has prioritized its own interests over the interests of the people. As a result, the coalition administration has decided that instead of providing assistance to the people, it is essential to reform the election and NAB laws.

Without a doubt, the current administration is more concerned with pursuing a personal agenda than a national goal. The government is well aware that it has limited time and that its interests are diverse; as a result, all attention is focused on the pursuit of personal interests, and the government leadership has not shied away from dropping petrol bombs on the people to save itself, making the situation appear very dire.

There is a flow of inflation all throughout the country, and as a result, prices of everything are increasing, as if the inflation genie has lost control and is threatening innocent people. Commodity prices are soaring in the general market, and utility store assistance has been eliminated for the average man. The government and rulers make loud claims that they have come to serve the people, yet the rulers’ pronouncements and assertions have always shown to be meaningless and political.

The previous government’s criticism of the PML(N) leadership’s stance on the IMF is well known, yet once in power, the party not only went to the IMF to ask for money but also did not hesitate to bow before it. The government has just thrown a petrol bomb on the population in accordance with the IMF’s demands. Following that, a slew of anti-people policies remains to be implemented. The administration is more concerned with extending its hold on power than with the economy or anti-people attitudes.

Because Finance Minister Miftah Ismail has stated that the IMF would not give money until the price of gasoline is raised, it has become unavoidable to inflict some hardship on the people by raising petroleum product prices.

On the one hand, the government is throwing an inflation bomb on the people, while on the other, the information minister supporting the government claims that the Prime Minister is attempting to bring as much assistance to the people as possible. What a comfort it is to know that individuals are no longer concerned about their issues. The people have seen the stars in a couple of days thanks to the coalition government’s relief. There is a point at which the government’s lousy governance reaches a point where no one questions the growing prices.

Proponent ministers may be ignorant that growing costs on these items, among other things, have a catastrophic effect on the people while defending rising gas prices in the country. Ministers, on the other hand, have only one job: to defend the administration. All they have to do now is raise the price of anything that is a hardship to the people.

There is no doubting that the administration is presenting unfavorable decisions to the public as major decisions in order to continue in power, despite the fact that the country’s economy is on the edge of collapse, and growing prices and the pain of load shedding have made life miserable for the people. As soon as the government takes power, it immediately sets about altering the laws in its favor and putting the opposition to the test.

The situation now would be very different if the coalition government had concentrated as much on fixing the situation. It was intended to happen, but the administration is frightened of losing power and seeing Imran Khan return, so the next elections might come at any moment, despite the government’s poor performance on a daily basis.
How will the government seem in front of the people if it can’t provide anything and continues to launch inflation bombs at the demand of the IMF? The fact that their anti-people actions would only drown them is a source of great anxiety for those strolling the halls of power.

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