We shall overcome again


Its  the  second  month of this year and so far there have been 19 attacks in the various parts of the country. All the provinces have been attacked and both security institutions and civilian places have been targeted, in which many innocent individuals have lost their lives.

Today’s assault on the Shrine in Sehwan took lives of more than 70 individuals and more than 250 are injured. The wounds of the tragic event of 16 December are still fresh and the memory is still painful, yet again there are few other stabs right in the middle of the heart.

After Raheel shareef handed over command to General Qamar Bajwa, there is an increase in the intensity and frequency of attacks, Which may be testing the resolve of the new army chief by the terrorists. In the coming days we will witness some important decisions taken by both civil and military establishment related to these attacks occurred all across the country.

One thing which is really important and highly overlooked is that we just don’t need “only” military operations. A Comprehensive and wholistic approach is the need of the time. All instruments have to be used. Role of civil bodies, legislators and scholars is extremely important to tackles this issue effectively.

In these testing times it’s the responsibility of national media to behave in a mature manner and keep boosting the morale of the nation. They should back the security agencies and uniform personnel for laying their lives in the line of duty. This is not the first time that Pakistan has faced this situation, but we came out stronger every time. Enemy can’t break our resolve nor they can make us fear them. We have faced them in the past and we will defeat them now and in the future إن شاء الله

Namra Aftab is a student of Mass Communication at Karachi University, wanabe a news reporter. Can be reached at namraaftab8@gmail.com and tweets at @namraaftab

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  1. Only way is zero tolerance more security and most importantly shut your border down to Afghanistan.

    Total ban on Afghans coming into Pakistan and visa vi.

    Understandably you can not monitor the entire breadth of border but you can fence it and make it impossible for anyone to come through.

    Agreed they make tunnels but we can add molten lead or something to stop this scourge from entering Pakistan.

    Certainly need better audio video surveillance. Invest in a state of the art monitoring facility with dedicated people that are employed to monitor the border daily. This may mean operating out of one big secure facility or several facilities across the border. Deploy armed drones along the border or patrolling 100 miles in.

    Also It is high time Pakistan like Turkey engage in hotnpursuit along the border agreed easily said and done as there are always implications.

    Importantly you need better representaction of our sacrifices and problems in the West and specifically in America but also now with Russia.

    Most of all we need to completely close of the border for several months regardless of what the pathetic punitive Afghan government says.

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