We learn from history that we don’t learn from history



Man is said to be a social animal; his interaction with both inanimate and animate creatures enables him to explore and understand the world from multi dimensional perspectives. Although man interaction with objects of nature is rooted in his instinct character very few of man could able to extract meaningful benefits of its interaction.

Takes man interaction with mirror to conceptualize the earlier paragraph. He routinely interacts with it. A mirror an inanimate creature fulfilling its purpose of interaction by displaying man his own image to the other side now it lies upon man to make this interaction meaningful or meaningless.

Meaningful: by analyzing his existing personality and taking measures to make it more better and handsome;                                                                    or

Meaningless: by overlooking his own self not considering his virtual image telling him about his own personality and current outlook.

The same relation has been witnessed between Human and history: As responsible like mirror History playing its due role by unfolding historical fact and figures to humanity and Man disability to take heed  by abstaining from the blunders of his predecessors he come to know through folding lesson of  history. Man’s ill attitude towards history is not known better to anyone than history itself. It has even repeatedly alerted coming generations of man persistent ignorant attitude towards history that led to deadly consequences humanity has to suffered archived again by history in its dark pages again for the irresponsible man with a hope for learn.

Destroying hope for learn Founders of  French Revolution and Industrialization well known for their brilliance and intellectuality even failed to learn from their historical mirror pushing there self  in another war(World War 2) with the advanced weaponry created in the pretext of self defence and mutual deterrence that lead to a damage much more in magnitude than the previous one culminated in the death of millions of their own people with the psychological impact prolong enough as it could be easily witnessed in their today’s generation. The World war their ancestors fought against each other  followed by another world war 2 due to the negligence of previous one also unravel historical dark foot prints of man -now more intellect-  inability to learn from history

Today in this era of communication where the whole world is witnessing its transformation in to global village easing people to people and people to inanimate objects interaction one would expect its good outcome in improving man learning from history as it is now easily accessible more organized and available at single click but the situation at hand is giving an entirely different picture and it could be said that technological advancement failed to bring results that it brought in another domains.

The more educated and much more advanced class of today is being suffered by its own created issues like internal conflicts, population, Climate change, terrorism and extremism. These emerging contemporary issues are not new as it fundamental could be traced in historical narrative on which these issues are emerged. Our present approach of having the same attitude that has created it and inability to tackle these issues by resorting to history reveals that we as learner failed to heed from history.



Hasham Khan is a Chemical Engineer and a passionate writer. Can be reached at hasham.chemical@gmail.com and tweets at @Hasham_Chemical

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