War of Perception: Cunning Neighbors and Ignorant friends


Reviewing India’s fake propaganda history and TO DO’s for Pakistan!

On 18th September, 2016; four gunmen attacked an Indian Army brigade headquarters in Uri, near the Line of Control. 17 Indian army personnel were killed in the attack. As expected, Indian media and security officials put the blame on Pakistan. Like each terrorist event in past, Indian media heated the beat and linked it to Pakistan minutes after the event occurred without any solid evidence. Nevertheless, the world yet again saw India’s baseless allegations against Pakistan proven to be wrong after Indian NIA cleared the alleged duo, inhabitants of Azad Kashmir Faizal Hussain Awan and his friend Yasin Khurshid as no evidence was found against them. But much damage was done as India took advantage of these attacks in last year’s UNGA terming Pakistan as a terrorist state. The idea was to defame and ‘isolate’ Pakistan on a global scale and divert the world’s attention from the continuous human rights violation by Indian forces in occupied Kashmir.
This isn’t the first instance of manipulation of evidence by Indian security officials. Indian security agencies have also been blamed for staging terror attacks within the country which have also caused the casualties of Indian civilians. Almost all of Indian false flags have been accepted as inside jobs by their own officials from time to time. (Quoted from external source)
India faced a global humiliation upon their claimed surgical strikes along the LOC last year after the Uri attacks. Again, Indian media created a supersonic hype against Pakistan followed by their celebrities tweeting with proud backing to so-called brave attempt. All of this perception was soon dissolved in thick air after detailed briefing by ISPR (Pakistan Army) to the media alongside L.O.C. But still no sign of any regret or shame was shown India!
Pathankot attacks were also of similar nature and metal in which Indian media started blaming Pakistan right from the word go but later findings pointed some doubtful proceedings leaving it as another inside job.
The arrest of notorious Ajmal Kasab claimed linkage with 2008 Mumbai attacks by Indian security officials is also doubtful and does not hold much credibility. The foremost evidence is the language pronunciation of Kassab during his aired interview; his words and delivery style does not even fall anywhere near to the type of Urdu spoken in Pakistan. Former Indian inspector-general S M Mushrif had claimed in his book ‘Who killed Karkare?’ that Ajmal Kasab was arrested before 2006 from Kathmandu by the Indian agency RAW with the help of Nepalese forces.
The book summarizes that Ajmal was arrested for the purpose to be presented as a substantial ‘evidence’ for ‘terror attacks’ even before they took place. The former IGP went on to say that it is a common practice in India to apprehend innocent folks from Kathmandu and other parts and present them as terrorists after undue detention. (Quoted from external source)
The list of Indian lies and false flags is long and tedious which includes Malegaon attacks alleging Lashkar-e-Taiba & Jaish-e-Muhammad or attacks on Samjhota express burning 70 odd Pakistanis to ashes; they first blamed Lashkar-e-Taiba but later there were signs if involvement of Indian nationalist group. Notably the 2008 Mumbai attacks and 2001 Indian parliament attacks were orchestrated in Indian home ministry, as revealed by RVS Mani – a former secretary. Similarly aircraft Ganga was a plotted hijack aimed to cut of air ties between then East and West Pakistan.
India works on the ideology of Chankiya, dreaming of making Akhand Bharat in which Pakistan remains the sole obstacle. They use their media as a weapon to spread lies in such a way that they seem like reality. By the grace of Allah, all these plots and games were exposed by their own people with the passage of time. Their case is so weak that they cannot face us if we stand strong on our grounds, but ironically we fall short due to lack of statesmanship. Unfortunately, we do not have a strong foreign office to face such tricks of India and other enemies at large; even a foreign minister is not there for unknown reasons. The need is to build up our case against Indian narrative and tell the world about their history of deception. Strong proofs of Indian involvement in Baluchistan and Karachi need to be shown to the world; Kalboshan Yadev needs to be used a tool of exposing dirty politics of India in the region. It’s about time we engage Afghanistan and Iran who are being used by India to commit crimes against our Pak-Sarzameen.
Government/establishment alone cannot cope up with the propaganda war laid by India. Despite doing a good job in their capacity, our electronic media has to rise up following footsteps of patriotic social media sections to obey their national duty of defending motherland at all costs. Such news Channels who even found out the house of Ajmal Kassab inside Pakistan should be made accountable for their acts. Pakistan’s condition and facts & figures are far better than India and many other countries but we fall short in showing the real face of Pakistan and creating a positive perspective which could wash our negative image for good.
Even after seeing everything that has happened to us in past years, still countries like China and Turkey are standing with us as brothers; Russia looking forward to a strong future relationship with Pakistan sensing some serious progress in the form of CPEC and beyond. Just imagine what the situation could have been if our foreign office was working properly; presenting our case to the world with the support of electronic media and public. Allah has always supported us, let’s start supporting ourselves.

Muhammad Sultan Shah is a Civil Engineer working for a private firm in Qatar. His areas of interests are mainly Ideology of Pakistan, Pakistan and world society, Social behaviors, Literature & Education. Can be reached msultanshah@gmail.com and tweets at @msltn.

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