War was never an Option!


Ever since Uri Attack there was news about the possibility that India might wage war against Pakistan but recently Mr Modi has opted for diplomatic assault on Pakistan over waging a full-scale war. Has the ensuing drama really met its drop scene?

Ever seen a fight breaking out in a hockey match?
All players raise their hockey-sticks, but NEVER use it. The reason being, they all know, there are other 11 players equipped with the same weapons.

Since both the countries have a massive nuclear arsenal they both know a war would leave nothing but hollow piece of land in the subcontinent’s map since it will all be wiped clean. Obviously there would never be an Indo-Pak nuclear war. That would just destroy the entire region and kill millions. Both India and Pakistan would be left with surviving generations disabled and diseased.

Through Uri Attack, India just wanted to achieve the objective of diverting international community’s attention from the human rights violations and state terrorism in the occupied Kashmir witnessed in the past three months. The timing of the attacks and Indian diplomatic response on the issue highly correlates with the strategy of diversion.

We are in a continuous unconventional war against each other. Indian Government is very cunning in this regard. They are following the ancient Hindu philosopher Chankia’s doctrine that aims to spread false propaganda against the enemy and bully your neighbour to keep them subdued and weaker. India is a coward nation. They will never dare to attack .They will just use Chankia doctrines. That is exactly what they are doing by sponsoring terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir and Baluchistan to destabilize Pakistan.

India has invested billions in its Cold Start strategy but they just need to realize and understand that Pakistan is not Afghanistan. Any misadventures by India would cost heavily. Pakistan’s armed forces have the capability to counter the complete threat spectrum.

India was eagerly wishing to isolate Pakistan by the Uri Attack drama. First China backed Pakistan, then all Islamic countries including Turkey, KSA, Iran and Indonesia. Russian army has come to Pakistan for the first time for joint military exercises. Even America, Europe and Japan did not back Indian accusation of Pakistan’s involvement in Uri Attack. It seems, Pakistan has isolated India badly.

It is indeed the Indian desire for hegemony in the south Asian region that is fueling this war mongering. India cannot see a strong Pakistan because, the stronger the Republic of Pakistan the harder it is for India to gain hegemony over the south Asian stats. Pakistan has brought strategic balance to the region by developing nuclear weapons and investing in modernization of its army. War was never an option on the table these were only empty threats to gather public support because India knows in case of a nuclear war mutually assured destruction is guaranteed. We can expect cross border firing and small scale conflicts however, a full scale war is something that both countries know is not an option.

is a freelance writer. Current perusing her degree in BCA. Her area of research includes strategic stability in South Asia, Nuclear studies, conflict resolution and international law. She tweets at @KiranRaza_01

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