Wali killed on a tip-off by Hakimullah supporter‏


Waliur Rehman Mehsud

The US State Department has disclosed that Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s deputy chief Waliur Rehman was targeted and killed by a drone attack on a tip-off provided by a member of the Hakimullah Mehsud-led Taliban group.

Sparking fresh controversy by the statement, it said the US will award the informer $5 million.

According to INP, the State Department refused to disclose the name of the informer; however it has confirmed that the award will be paid. It said that anyone who provides reliable and actionable information deserves the award under the justice programme.

According to media reports, there are serious differences between Waliur Rehman and Hakimullah Mehsud groups of the TTP. These two groups are opposing each other and the person who provided information about the presence of Rehman belongs to the Hakimullah group.

Khan Syed alias Sajan has succeeded Rehman and the Shoaib Khel tribe of the Mehsud group has welcomed his appointment.

Source: Express Tribune

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  1. Special Envoy of Rahul Gandhi

    Pakistan shall soon be taken aback when she finds many Indian and American agents not only spying for India and USA but brewing trouble over there
    ++++++++++One day India and USA shall succeed in disintegrating Pakistan

  2. These terrorist are all born and raised in Pakistan…the west has no need to conspire to destroy Pakistan… the Pakistanis are already doing it to themselves…and the west can’t seem to stop them from committing suicide…

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