Waiting for A Redeemer



Kashmir has been waiting too long for a glimpse of its redeemer. I have no words to describe the joy with which he will be greeted in the valley. People who have suffered from the Indian brutality; their thirst for vengeance, the tears, the blood they have offered, and the precious losses, all will greet the redeemer. No door will be closed for him! His every word would be taken as a holy word, and as a command and a duty.

He will be raised from the same land, in the same atmosphere; but the only thing that will differentiate him from the earlier daredevils is the courage to face any consequences – that will decide and raise him as a leader.

We have seen this, and we know by experience, that the Kashmiri people cannot tolerate oppression now; it is enough. There was a time when they were fooled by some politicians with their evil politics, those who fulfilled their own interests, but now that ignorance finds it difficult to survive in our society; now it’s time for change.

Liberators are not born only to free their own country against tyrannical rulers, but also to bear, dare and learn from the oppression, and aim to look for the weaknesses the opposing forces possess and attack them in the best way. The redeemer, or we can simply call him a leader, should not worry too much about conspiracies, as long as his people are devoted to him; but the only thing to remember is that his people should not dislike him at any instance. He should not care about such things because that will lead him to nowhere.

Today, we have seen that people are not too much devoted towards their leaders because of their lack in apathetic attitude and weak strategies.

A redeemer should keep an eye, not only on current issues of interest, but also on those of the future, and make every effort to avoid a repetition of the current problems. He should be an observer of the surroundings, able to comprehend the approaching troubles in anticipation, so that they be easily dealt with; for if he delays action till the problem starts to hover, the antidote is useless.

The simple reason is that the old methods of fighting against oppression were not good enough to lead us to freedom; the ultimate demand of the Kashmiri people will be seized through cooperation and a new thinking in the way of struggling against tyranny.

The author is a media student at the Central University of Kashmir and can be reached at wasimnabi89@gmail.com

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  1. Suggest you stop waiting for a miracle and start working for peace with India…the LOC should become the border and put an end to this endless dispute that is draining resources from the country and producing nothing of value…

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