Vote Wisely


Democracy is conditional in its nature. The principles of rule of law are the essence of democracy. Rule of law includes supremacy of the constitution, equality before the law, and civil liberties. Of course, democracy is the best form of government. The true democracy is described by Ibraham Lincoln as, “Democracy is a government of, by and for the people”.

Unfortunately, Pakistan’s experience with democracy is not a success story. Pakistan is one of the glaring examples of non-consolidated democracies. Pakistan’s democracy has seen many ups and downs due to the incompetence and negligence of elected members. They compelled state institutions to intervene in politics, due to their inability and bad governance. The strained civil-military relations have serious consequences for the civil governments. The strength of the political government is rooted in public support which only comes through the good governance. When this important factor is lacking then non-representative institutions find the gap and take the control.

In the current scenario, the role of the judiciary is very crucial. Five reputed judges of Supreme Court have given their verdict against Nawaz Sharif on Panama case. Supreme Court disqualified Nawaz Sharif and issued a lifetime ban on him. The role of the judiciary is admirable because before this we have always observed a leniency towards elite class. There was one law for a common man or another law for a powerful man. There was no check and balance on these politicians. Many laws have been violated by Nawaz Sharif and his family. Nawaz Sharif and his family have looted Pakistan with impunity. Convict Nawaz Sharif and his family of breach of national trust, money laundering, and corruption. They must be sent to Adiala Jail for hard labor, and forced to return every single penny they’ve illegally and unethically stolen from Pakistan.

All these selfish and corrupt to the core politicians are weakening the roots of Pakistan. Nowadays, Nawaz Sharif is launching a campaign “Vote ko Izzat do”. For him “Vote ko izzat do” is more important than “Voter ko izzat do.” His voters have been living a pathetic life but he doesn’t care about it. He is playing with the emotions of innocent people. He is trying to take the sympathies of a common man. The fact is that these politicians use people for their personal benefits. Our representatives don’t even know the basic problems of a common man. A common man has been facing a number of problems like load shedding, poverty, inflation, lack of jobs and opportunities. A common man is worried about his children’s school fees, he is worried about the next meal, he is worried about his daughter’s wedding, he is worried how to arrange money for his parent’s medical treatment, and he is worried how to support his family because he is jobless. These are the very common worries of a poor man. More than half population of Pakistan is living below the poverty line. Before elections, these politicians make huge promises like, “we will provide job opportunities after winning elections”, “we will end load-shedding in six months, so please vote for us”, “ We will decrease poverty ratio and provide apposite opportunities for talented youth”etc. The list of fake promises is very long.

The children of politicians are getting degrees from renowned foreign institutions but they don’t want to educate Pakistani Youth. They don’t want to provide quality education to youth because they know very well that education creates awareness. If these politicians end the poverty and provide quality education how they can get the vote from people. Unfortunately, we have a very superficial approach, common man sales his vote for the sake of money or one plate of Biryani. These politicians are getting benefit from the ignorance of people. People should aware of their basic rights provided by Constitution of Pakistan. They should stand for their fundamental rights. Your vote is precious; your right to vote is sacred. It is a foundation of democracy, its election year, use your vote wisely. Think on a broad spectrum and think for the betterment of Pakistan.

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