Ustaad.PK: Learn, Train & Prepare Yourself with a Comprehensive Education Portal


Learning the prerequisite skills in Pakistan can be traditionally defined as one long slog. In today’s fast-paced world and in a space where household incomes and an individual’s time are limited, what if there was a way to skip through all the extra hoops?

Extra hoops that mean learning through rote and expending too much time and money to pass exams?

Extra hoops that mean that after completion of your formal education, you will be left relying on references and interviews galore before you can score your first job?

Like we said before, this is a fast-paced world that waits for no one. And such a scenario calls for an equally out-of-the-box learning and job procurement platform that cuts down on the extra hoops.

Enter Ustaad.PK – Where Educational and Job Requirements Meet is an online tutoring/consultancy/training portal. The startup has recently acquired funding of $6.7 million and also has plans to launch in USA in June under the name LearnEasili LLC.

Here are some of the many services they offer:

  • Tuition: You can hire tutors based on any subject you require. Tutors devote full attention to the individual as opposed to teaching in a class environment. Tuitions environments are also available for those who want them.
  • IELTS: The IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a popular test that is required at many universities or when you are applying for abroad. Preparation material and tutors are available for IELTS.
  • Online Digital Marketing: Want to get your start as a digital marketer? Learn SEO courses and get primed for your digital career.
  • Become a seller at Amazon or eBay and numerous other platforms.
  • Web development: Like building websites and how the internet works? Get registered for a comprehensive web development course that trains you for a career as a web developer.
  • Immigration programs: Want to move to greener pastures? Get all the immigration help and advice that you need from one place.
  • And much more.

Basically, is not just about imparting skills and letting you take care of the other things in life. It wants to serve as a destination for getting your first job, by leveraging its position as a trusted name in training and mentoring people who want a clear career path that’s poised for growth. With its comprehensive suite of services under one (virtual) roof, intends to guide people who don’t have access to career counsel advice or limited prospects in today’s digital economy.

Online One-to-One or Small Group Training, Tutoring and Consultancy at Reasonable Cost is essentially an instructor-led live training provider. This means that students can take advantage of hands-on training over self-paced training. Students can get response to their queries immediately this way as they go through their course. The courses can be customized according to the requirements of the students and the online learning platform has proven adaptable to the changing times.

To ensure that only the most qualified teachers and instructors are available to the students, the startup has in place extensive hiring and partnering procedures for Tutors, Teachers and Consultants to ensure the prerequisite quality of training. The firm also takes into account any issues via a robust feedback mechanism in order to allay the concerns of its customers.

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