US using Haqqani network as excuse to target Pakistan: Asif


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif has made it clear that Pakistan “will not take any dictation from anyone” if it goes against its national interests.

Speaking in an interview to a private channel late Monday, Asif said the United States is targeting Pakistan using the “excuse” of Haqqani network. He also emphasised that Pakistan wants equality-based ties with the US.

“We have offered many times that if the US knows the whereabouts of the Haqqani network, it should join us to eliminate the [Haqqani network],” he said, adding that the same offer had been made to Afghan president Ashraf Ghani.

Asif pointed out that Pakistani military has achieved massive success in the war against terrorism, whereas the US, in contrast, has only seen failures in Afghanistan.

“US should tell, how has Daesh been successful in expanding its reach across three provinces of Afghanistan despite all the latest weapons the [US military] has?”

The foreign minister noted that Pakistan has always helped US in times of need. “We want to continue relations with the US on an equality basis,” he stated.

To a question regarding the National Action Plan, he said that NAP was made to wipe out terrorists from the country.

All the national institutions and political parties had developed consensus on implementation of NAP, he said.






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