US-Taliban Talks: Karzai Angry at Whom?



Operation Enduring Freedom is ending with confusions and scuffles between the allies of this conflict; the Northern Alliance and US.

Mr Karzai is angry that US did not elicit a pledge from Taliban to talk to his government, analysts say.

After US announced it would open direct talks with the Taliban at their office in the Qatari capital, Doha, and handed over the security lead to ANA, Taliban launched two rockets at Bagram airbase, sending a clear message to Kabul about their intentions.

A condition for the talks was for the Taliban to renounce violence. However, US President Barack Obama did not make a ceasefire part of the preliminary negotiations.

The BBC’s Jonathan Beale says

President Karzai clearly feels a sense of anger and betrayal over the way the US made that announcement. He thought there would be a commitment from the Taliban to engage with the Afghan government, to recognize the constitution and to renounce violence.”

“Ultimately we’re going to need to see Afghans talking to Afghans about how they can move forward and end the cycle of violence so they can start actually building their country” president Obama on the situation said during an official visit to Berlin on Wednesday.

President Karzai had suspended the fourth round of the bilateral security agreement talks in reaction to steps US has taken so far for the peace negotiations with Taliban.

Karzai has disagreed with the name given to the new Taliban office and also objects to the Taliban flag flying over the premises.

Nato handed over the security for the whole of the country to the Afghan government for the first time since the Taliban were overthrown in 2001.

US officials told reporters on Tuesday that the first formal meeting between US and Taliban representatives was expected to take place in Doha while President Karzai said he also intended to send delegates of Afghanistan’s High Peace Council there.

In the past, the Taliban have always refused to meet President Karzai or his government, dismissing them as puppets of Washington.

Mr Karzai has expressed anger at previous US and Qatari efforts to kick-start the peace process without properly consulting his government.

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  1. He has forgotten he and his parents lived in Quetta all their life on financial support from Pakistan. He and his brother, corrupt to the core, traitors to the cause of peace for money and power, have no right whatsoever to even open their mouth for anything including begging, leave aside become angry and upset. He must be mentally retarded to even raise an eyebrow. Shut up and do what you are told to do, Karzai, you worth nothing but a piece of trash, need to get your act together and get the hell out of dodge, now, and I mean now, if you dont want the end result of Najibullah applied to you too by these afghans, the true afghans, not you, who sold his country for money.

    • thats right. After all, what happens in Afghanistan must only be decided by Pakistan of Pakistani stooges like the Taliban. Who cares what the Afghan wants.

      • You dont read do you?? Comment clearly stated ‘True afghans’ to decide about their country, not corrupt Karzai and his goons, and surely not Pakistanis and neither the Rats from BhaRat will be allowed to come near it. By the way, Talibans are not Pakistanis, they are afghans to the core;

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