US-Taliban deal biggest factor in collapse of Afghan forces, says US


WASHINGTON: The greatest element that prompted the breakdown of the Afghan military in August last year was the U.S. choice to pull out powers and project workers from Afghanistan through a concurrence with the Taliban endorsed by the Trump organization and executed by the Biden organization, a U.S. guard dog report closed.

The withdrawal “annihilated” the confidence of the Afghan military as it was subject to U.S. military help, as per an evaluation by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, or SIGAR, which was made public late Tuesday.

“SIGAR tracked down that the absolute most significant component in the ANDSF’s (Afghan National Defense and Security Forces) breakdown in August 2021 was the U.S. choice to pull out military powers and workers for hire from Afghanistan through marking the U.S.- Taliban understanding in February 2020 under the Trump organization, trailed by President Biden’s withdrawal declaration in April 2021,” the report said.

Under U.S. President Joe Biden’s Republican ancestor Donald Trump, the United States made an arrangement with the Islamist Taliban to pull out every American power.

After the marking of the arrangement, the U.S. military help to Afghan powers descended, which likewise remembered a drop for air strikes in 2020 after a record significant level in the earlier year, the report added.

“Restricting airstrikes after the marking of the U.S.- Taliban arrangement the next year left the ANDSF without a critical benefit in keeping the Taliban under control,” John Sopko, the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction, said.

The Taliban overran Afghanistan in August as the previous Western-supported government fell with amazing velocity and the last U.S. troops pulled out.

Biden had contended the conflict in Afghanistan should have been concluded following 20 years of battling that had cost American lives, emptied assets and diverted out of more prominent key needs.

The U.S. Congress made the workplace of SIGAR to give an oversight of recreation ventures and exercises during the conflict in Afghanistan.

“Numerous Afghans thought the U.S.- Taliban understanding was a demonstration of dishonesty and a sign that the U.S. was giving over Afghanistan to the adversary as it raced to leave the country,” Sopko said.

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