US spent $5.6 billion for Afghan military vehicles



The US has provided the Afghan National Army with ammunition to the tune of more than $1 billion, according to the latest oversight report of the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan.

The US has also spent $288 million to arm the Afghan National Police. In the past SIGAR has complained of widespread corruption in the force.

Altogether, the US has spent above $54 billion to arm and train the Afghan security forces. According to SIGAR’s quarterly report the forces still under-perform. The report does not indicate how much of the ammunition has been used.

Beyond the costs of ammunition, the US spent $878 million on weapons, and another whopping $5.6 billion on military vehicles. The report by SIGAR claims that a great deal of money has been wasted on vehicles that do not work or have been damaged beyond repair.

NATO hopes to expand the Afghan Armed Forces (ANA) to about 260,000 by 2015. This expansion will be funded primarily by the US Department of Defense. Although other countries, such as Canada, are helping out with training, there were more than 4,000 American troops providing training to the ANA and police as of late 2009.

Much of the training will be in the new Afghan National Security University, the National Military Academy, the Afghan National Army Academy, and the Non-Commissioned Officer Academy. ANA is said to control 80 per cent of Afghanistan. There are still about 66,000 US troops in Afghanistan helping the Afghans maintain security. By the end of 2014 US troops are scheduled to withdraw and turn over all security duties to the Afghans. However, the US and Afghanistan are negotiating for a certain number of troops to remain afterward under a partnership agreement that governs relationships between the US and Afghanistan until 2024. However, the number and conditions under which remaining troops will operate has not yet been finalized.

Source: Digitaljournal

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