US Says must choose the option to work with Pakistan


WASHINGTON: The United States has no choice but to work with Pakistan on the way ahead in Afghanistan, says a elderly US functionary while expounding the Biden administration’s new policy for the region.

At a discussion at the US Institute of Peace in Washington on Tuesday autumn, US Special Repre­sentative for Afgha­nistan Tom West conceded Pakistan’s part in arranging a peace deal with the Taliban but also complained that Islamabad frequently ignored Washington’s suggestions.

“ I’ve productive, good and honest connections with Pakistani leaders, and they’ve huge quantities of moxie in their system on these (Afghan) matters,” he said. “ And I suppose we do n’t have a choice but to work with Pakistan on the way ahead.”

He was the only speaker at this discussion which concentrated on US consultations with the Taliban, other Afghans and the transnational community since the Taliban preemption.

The prolocutor, former US National Security Adviser StephenJ. Hadley, still, also asked a set of questions about US-Pakistan relations, differences between Islam­abad and Kabul’s new autocrats and the Taliban’s position on TTP and the Durand Line.

“ During the life of the accommodations, from January to August, and in the times ahead, we were in veritably close touch with the leadership of Pakistan regarding way that we prompted Pakistan to take to enhance the prospects of a negotiated agreement to this conflict,” Mr West said.

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“ Had Pakistan taken some of those way in a more meaningful and harmonious way, I suppose we’d be in a different place moment. I authentically do.”

The response made it clear that while Pakistan supported the peace process, it didn’t always accept US proffers. Mr West also made it clear that Islamabad’s disinclination frequently irked Washington, although the two abettors continued to support the Doha addresses that led to an agreement in 2020.

“ Now, it’s a mark of our pragmatism, in my view, that in Washington you aren’t hearing leaders from across the diapason spending time and energy criticising Pakistan and looking backwards,” he said.

Mr West, still, indicated that despite these reservations, Washington wants to continue its cooperation with Pakistan on Afghanistan and other issues.

“ I honestly suppose that that energy (criticising Pakistan) isn’t called for given the situation in Afghanistan moment,” he said.

Islamabad’s disinclination, according to Mr West, has added to the difficulties that Pakistan now faces in Afghanistan. “ I suppose when it comes to Pakistan’s interests in Afghanistan moment, they face challenges. They face real challenges of capacity,” he said.

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