US reiterates stance on PTI’s conspiracy controversy


WASHINGTON: The US State Department on Sunday repeated position there’s no reality to the cases that Washington was engaged with a scheme to cut down the PTI government.

The debate reemerged on Sunday with media reports that PTI’s secretary abroad Abdullah Riar “has reached US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu and requested that he fail to remember the past and push ahead”.

In March, previous top state leader Imran Khan, while he was still in office, guaranteed that the resistance’s no-certainty movement against him was the consequence of a “unfamiliar trick” due to his outer strategy and assets were diverted from abroad to expel him.

Afterward, PTI pioneers let writers know that they put together their case with respect to a link that previous Pakistani diplomat in Washington shipped off Islamabad on March 7, enumerating the scheme. The link included subtleties of Ambassador Asad Majeed Khan’s gathering with Mr Lu at the Pakistan Embassy.

First light gained from conciliatory sources that the discussion referenced in the link occurred at a goodbye lunch by the active envoy and that the link expressed nothing about a scheme. Mr Lu, notwithstanding, passed the Biden organization’s ‘misery’ on over previous PM’s visit to Moscow on the day Russia attacked Ukraine.

Mr Lu likewise said that this ‘despondency’ would go on as long as Imran Khan was in power. During the significant discussion, Mr Lu additionally posed inquiries about the no-certainty development against the PTI government as this was all around the media.

At the point when Dawn reached the US State Department for remarks on Mr Riar’s accounted for contact with Mr Lu, a representative said: “As a standard practice, we don’t remark on confidential conciliatory gatherings.”

On Imran Khan’s case on the US contribution in bringing down him, the representative said: “As we have said previously, there is no reality to these claims.”

PTI sources in the US additionally would not talk about the announced contact, while Mr Riar didn’t return calls or answer messages.

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