US must keep India in loop on Afghanistan: BJP chief Rajnath Singh




 Washington: The US had lost its focus in the war on terrorism in Afghanistan by  partnering with Pakistan, BJP president Rajnath Singh has said as he asked the Obama Administration to keep India in the loop on any new initiatives in the region.

The BJP leader said that the US had a mix bag of experience in partnering with  Pakistan in this war against terrorism.

“The US has made Pakistan a partner in its war on terror in Afghanistan in the last ten  years. The results have been a mixed bag. While the Taliban and Al Qaeda have lost  many key leaders and thousands of fighters they continue to hold on to their  strongholds in the South and East of Afghanistan and also inside Pakistan territory,” Mr Singh said.

“This happened primarily because along the way sometime in 2003/4 the US had lost focus due to its campaigns elsewhere and the terror outfits had gained the breathing space to regroup and resurrect. The result was further fleecing of American dollars by Pakistan, further dependence of America on that country and further rise in the activities of terror networks,” he said.

Mr Singh also asked the US to address the issue of terrorist safe havens in Pakistan as a top issue, arguing without this America can’t think of winning the war against terrorism.

He said the US has to make its own decisions regarding the final scope and time-table of withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“As a major power in the region, India needs to be properly informed about any US initiatives in the region besides other countries,” he said.

He said it was important to ensure that Afghanistan doesn’t relapse into the pre-2001 anarchic mode once the NATO troops withdraw.

“It must be ensured that we do not leave behind a Black Hole’ of global security while leaving that country,” Mr Singh said.

The BJP leader also cautioned the US against any peace talks with the Taliban arguing that the terrorist outfit is unlikely to change its behaviour and reconciliation effort would be a futile exercise.

Mr Singh also asked Pakistan to address the problem of terrorist safe havens there.

“Pakistan needs to do a lot to tackle this menace. Unless the fundamental problem of safe havens of these groups and their leadership in Pakistan is addressed, the Taliban menace cannot be eradicated.”

“The BJP expresses cautious optimism keeping in view the track record of successive regimes in
Pakistan,” he said.

Mr Singh said India has been a target on the radar of terrorists in the last three decades. The Indian Parliament was attacked in 2001. The commercial capital and pride of India, the city of Mumbai, has been repeatedly attacked.

The latest attack was in 2008 in which 266 people, including six US nationals and several other foreigners, were brutally killed, he said.

“Indian Government has enough evidence to prove that the perpetrators of these crimes against humanity found shelter and safe haven in our neighbouring country, Pakistan.

Incidentally Osama bin Laden, the al Qaeda chief too was found hiding in Abbottabad in Pakistan,” he said.

Mr Singh said the extremists thrive less on popular support and more on the clandestine support they get from certain political, military and intelligence outfits in pursuit of their stated or unstated strategic and ideological objectives.

“This is at the root of the growth and survival of the terrorist groups in the region. I am pained to state that we the Indians and the Afghans have been exposed to threats from the terrorists who have their safe havens in our shared neighborhood,” he added.

Pakistan, Mr Singh said, must act responsibly to ensure a smooth transition in Afghanistan.

“We expect the new Pakistan leadership to show courage and determination to rein in radical elements within the ISI and the Pakistan Army from interfering in the internal affairs of Afghanistan after the NATO Forces’ withdraw,” he said.

“Pakistan must realise that the radical Taliban have caused enormous damage to not only the NATO Forces and the democratic leadership in Afghanistan, but also the Baluchs and many others in Pakistan too.

“The plight of the Baluch people at the hands of these extremist and terrorist elements calls for serious attention by the international community,” Mr Singh said.


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    Says a leader of a political terrorist organisation looking for apartheid in India and seeks the displacment and Genocide of native beautiful native Kashmiris with dirty, filthy people of The Ganges Civilisation and there abhorrent rituals and practices.

    I tis Pakistan that has lost 100,000 people not India and to date no evidence has been provided to implicate Pakistan for the false flags inside India.

    Pakistan has been aquitted by all major Western intelligence agencies including interpol on this matter but continues to be demonised and put on ntrial by Indian media.

    India is a cancer in the region and needs to be treated and put back in it’s box.

    Who are Afghans an who are Pakistanis sons of Durrani, Abdali, Ghauri and Ghazni – don’t forget this when you sit in your power seats in Delhi.

    The sons of Abdali can quite easily grow a taste for Delhi.

    Who are Tajiks, Uzbeks and who were the Mughals, who was Babur and who was Aurangzaib.

    Who was Nadir Shah and who was Zaman Shah, Pakistan is part of all these great warriors.

    Do not bite off more than you can chew Banya.

    Pakistanis are a peace loving people, tenacious, hardworking and plagues by foreign backed trerrorist trying to recreate a Libya or Syria in Pakistan but remain unsucessful because unlike those countries and despite what you lie about Pakistan is a united nation.

    Pashtuns, Punjabis, Balochis, Sindhis and Azad Kashmiris are committed to a stable and united Pakistan and WE all share a bond in blood, in history, in geography, in culture, language and religion with the rest of Central Asia.

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      “Pakistanis are a peace loving people”

      Statement of the decade by the commenter, especially, since his post also contains the following gems :

      “India is a cancer in the region and needs to be treated”

      “dirty, filthy people of The Ganges Civilisation and there abhorrent rituals and practices”

      “The sons of Abdali can quite easily grow a taste for Delhi”

      Very classy Peace Loving Paki.

      ps : idiots who get a hard on at racist thoughts of violence aren’t peace loving, as much as they might believe. And I’m referring to you, my little peacenik !!!

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    Kissing and licking is okay, but where, is the golden question; Rajnath thinks that US do what hindu-stan wants is like sucking and thinking its a cone ice cream; US would do what US wants to do, not what you hindus-tanis want US to do; Wake up, this big bear will embrace you, kiss you, smooch you, and keep tightening the embrace squeeze till you cannot breathe, and when you want to get away from this bear, it will bite you, tear your into pieces; North-South Korea, Pakistan-Bangladesh, Iraq-Kurdistan, North-South Sudan, East Jordan-West Jordan (now occupied by Zionists), Vietnam they lost and now Afghanistan they see they are doomed to lose. So, you hindus-tanis please embrace US more tightly, you will enjoy the fruits of disintegration when you want to breathe and not be suffocated to death.

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    This article identifies the problems of terrorism in Pakistan very comprehensively…if the new government will see the terrorism problem as clearly as others do…and take action against these murderers who get sympathy and support from Islamic political groups…there may be some hope for your country…of course if they don’t…the opposite will be true..

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    Eddied (An Indian)

    No it does not, it shows India trying to use her newly formed relationship with USA to make her strategic desires int he region beocme known and the continued demonistation of Pakistan.

    Pakistan a nation that has sarificed 100,000 and supports the innocent occupied Kashmiris by India where 1 million have been massacred since 1948 and a million displaced, un marked graves, indiscriminate killings, rape. Pakistan continues to support the right for Kashmiri self determination and is a voice for peace and stability.

    India seeks to derail Pakistan’s legitmacy over Kashmir and Kashmiri right for self determination.

    India wishes to exert her muscle which is all very well but let’s see where you go post 2014.

    Do you have the gaule and balls to go onwrds tot he oxus to support terror groups against Pakistana nd try to destabilise Pakistan through the Iranian broder.

    This just shows India biend Pak Centric as always.

    The BJP and her right wing affiliated terror groups have blood on their hands and USA would never want them in power.

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    The only loop that bhindians will get is the one around their skinny necks, I pray that they get some sort of “major” role in Afghanistan like “peace keeping” mission ,then the real turkey shoot out will begin!

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