US has not learned from Vietnam, says President Alvi


ISLAMABAD: Against the background of an ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, President Dr Arif Alvi on Thursday expressed surprise that the United States hadn’t learnt from the history and “ fell into another trap”.

“ I inaptly believed that the US would have learned a assignment from the Vietnam War and would not fall into another trap,” the chairman said while addressing the concluding session of a two- day transnational conference on‘South Asia Emerging Openings and Challenges’.

The chairman’s reflections came at a time when Prime Minister Imran Khan, presently on a two- day sanctioned visit to Russia, met Russian President Vladimir Putin amid reports that Russia has started the irruption of Ukraine.

He, still, expressed his desire to have enhanced relations with the US in different fields, especially the information technology sector.

Amid Russia-Ukraine conflict, chairman says Pakistan wants palm- palm cooperation with nations
President Alvi said Europe had decided against any further wars in their own lands but continued to destroy other countries in Africa and the Middle East.

“ Rather of supporting any polarisation, Pakistan asked palm- palm cooperation in the fields of information technology and trade with the nations for peace and development in the region,” he added.

The chairman said Pakistan didn’t want to be part of any polarisation, and the country’s fathers had also supportedco-existence before demanding a separate motherland.

He told the gathering, conforming of former ministers and experimenters and academics, that the vested interests dominated morality in transnational affairs.

President Alvi said the world was looking for leadership grounded on morality and stressed Pakistan’s philanthropic gestures of hosting millions of deportees contrary to Europe which he said let them drown in the Mediterranean, besides reports of rapes and murders.

Pertaining to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s prejudiced approach targeting nonages, President Alvi said the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) government was adding energy to fire through its Hindutva testament. “ Despite repeated commitments by the United Nations, the Kashmir issue is still undetermined owing to the vested interests of the countries,” he added.

The chairman said information technology was the biggest opening for Pakistan and the region. Still, he emphasised bridging the gap between the decision-makers and the fast- developing technologies.

President Alvi said the fake news miracle was getting stronger which could indeed destroy the countries. He said people would see an avalanche of fake news in the 2023 general choices in Pakistan, as around 60 to 70 per cent of dispatches circulating on the social media during the last choices in India were plant to be fake.

The chairman said the morality guarding humanity and mortal rights, similar as women’s liberation, should be the ideals for society, rather of vested interests.

In a separate meeting with Sardar Masood Khan, Pakistan’s minister- designate to the United States, President Alvi said Pakistan wanted to ameliorate bilateral cooperation with the United States in colorful fields, particularly in the areas of trade and frugality.

“ The IT sector of the country has immense implicit and foreign investors need to capitalise upon the investment-friendly terrain of the country,” he said.

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