Uri Attack! Yet again India blames Pakistan


On the 72nd day of curfew, the occupied valley of Kashmir witnessed one of the deadliest attack on Indian armed forces. On Sunday, September 18, 2016, suspected fighters attacked an Indian army brigade headquarters near LoC, killing at least 17 army men in the most serious such attack in the northern region of Kashmir since 2014. More than 20 Army men were evacuated who injured in the midnight attack. The death toll is likely to increase as nine soldiers were critically wounded in the attack.

India claimed that between four to six fully armed fighters (Fedayeen) attacked the fortified complex – which houses an infantry battalion under the operational control of Army’s 12th brigade – in Uri at 5:30 AM. Three of the attackers were killed, a senior Indian army official said.

Once again Indian authorities has put the blame of this attack on Pakistan without any investigation. Lieutenant General Ranbir Singh told reporters in New Delhi that Sunday’s attack was from Pakistani militant base group “Jaish -e- Muhammad”.

The harsh responses and blames came from Indian ministers against Pakistan, as they used to do without any investigation or evidence. Home Minister Rajnath Singh directly accused Pakistan of the attack in his tweets.

He wrote: “Pakistan is a terrorist state and should be identified and isolated as such”. “I am deeply disappointed with Pakistan’s continued and direct support to terrorism and terrorist groups,” the India’s home minister said.

Pakistan has utterly rejected the Indian claims of any involvement in Uri Attack. “Pointing fingers at Pakistan has become a traditional tendency of India after each terrorist attack,” Foreign Office spokesperson Nafees Zakaria stated.

“In the past many Indians were involved in the terrorist acts for which India had blamed Pakistan,” he asserted.

Commenting on India’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement declaring Pakistan a terrorist state, Zakaria said “India is trying to divert world’s attention from the human rights violations being committed in occupied Kashmir”.

Pakistan’s Director General Military Operations (DGMO) established hotline contact with his Indian counterpart in the afternoon, Inter-Services Public Relations stated. Pakistan’s DGMO disproved Indian allegations, saying the claim is “unfounded and premature”. He asked his Indian counterpart to provide actionable intelligence, if any.

“No infiltration is possible from Pakistani soil as tight security arrangements were in place on both sides of the Line of Control and the Working Boundary all along,” the Pakistani official reiterated.

The Uri attack comes days before Pakistan prime minister is due to talk about the adverse situation of Indian occupied Kashmir, at the UNGA, detailing its various violations in Jammu & Kashmir. Nawaz Sharif flew out of Islamabad Saturday night en route to New York.

Since July 8, Indian Occupied Kashmir is in the grip of deadly unrest that has lasted for more than two months. Protesting residents are clashing almost daily with security forces. At least 87 civilians have been killed by Indian forces and thousands injured in the protests against Indian Occupation.

The Indian government has been coming under growing pressure over the level of casualties during the protests and over the security forces’ use of shotguns loaded with pellets which can blind demonstrators.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein had described the international probe into recent killings in Occupied Kashmir as necessary. According to BBC, he stated this while addressing a session of UN  Human Rights Council. He stressed the need to send an independent international mission to review deteriorating situation in Occupied Kashmir.

This attack is likely to be an exercise from Indian policy makers to tarnish the stance of Pakistan on Indian Occupied Kashmir. However, the violation of human rights in Indian Occupied Kashmir has become so knowledgeable that no such false flag will help India hide its immoralities.

In order to divert the attention from worsening situation of occupied Kashmir, Modi first tried to highlight the Baluchistan issue, which backfired and did not do much help. And now the Uri Attack has been used to shift the focus from Indian human rights violations in occupied Kashmir.

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  1. As a Kashmiri can not say regret rather see it through the prism of Occupying Indian forces receiving just deserves for their brutality in Kashmir.

    However as a Azad Kashmiri and a Pakistani, pray for the safety of our armed forces at the border.

    It is better Pakistan fortifies and digs deep at the Line of Control and begin moving civilians from the LoC.

    It appears India is not content with the blood of Occupied Kashmiri’s that she now has the sights on Azad (Free) Kashmiri’s.

    Our thoughts are with the brave Pak Afwaj our brothers, our guardians and also with our brethren on the other side of Line of Control – The Occupied Kashmiri’s.

    As Pakistanis we know all to well what India is doing, crying wolf yet again. Those with introspection and an ounce of intellect can see this for what it is.

    Nawaz Sharif sahib leaves for UN. India dobre rattling and calls to isolate Pakistan. Fierce vitreous speeches made towards Pakistan. Using non actors with zero influence in Balochistan as sounding boards to defame the brave sacrifice of innocent Pakistanis in the War on Terror. Irony being the US does not declare Bugti a wanted terrorist in Pakistan responsible for attacks and deaths on innocent Pakistanis as a global terrorists in the same way others have been placed on that list, simply because he is someone’s asset.

    The URI attack has no one group taking responsibility, surely for such a high profile attack responsibility would be taken very swiftly.

    Pakistan beware of the ChaNakya brand of politics of the right wing fascist Hindu parry in government in India.

    Protect and move out civilians along the Line of Control.

    Move heavier guns to the Line of Control including drones to monitor the nefarious Indian designs.

    Personally I think it will be India’s way to sob and shed a tear to drum up sympathy but as a nation under constant attack from India and Indian sponsorship of terror, must remain vigilant and prepare for the worst.

    To Nawaz Sharif sahib, I would ask your response to be stern and describe India as the boy who cries wolf time and time again. The Indians will be sustained, venomous in their response as perpetrators of gross human rights violations in Kashmir. As defenders of Kashmir and Kashmiri’s sentiment and representing their just cause at an internationalise level, the onus is on Pakistan to defiantly expose Indian genocide, brutality and skull duggery.

    Stand tall Pakistan, we salute you.

  2. …Indian sabre rattling (typo 7th paragraph).

    Pakistan we love you please stay vigilant and safe.

    We sit in a pit with two vipers at each side one in the form of Afghans ( Tajik and Uzbek ) and one in the form of a black viper in India.

    We put our trust in Allah Azuwajjal, Alhamdulillah, we shall prevail.

    Pakistan tujhe salaam.

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