Uri Attack – Method to Madness


Current wave of hysteric outburst from Indian media, politicians and military over #UriAttack has an usual design to it, though this is madness, yet there is a method to it, yesterday’s attack on 12 Brigade headquarters in Uri sector of Indian occupied Kashmir and its followed up aftermath in shape of typical flaming and war mongering reaction from Indian political and military brass holds some significant undercurrents, though interesting but not unfamiliar, there is always a perspective to any such out of the context militant operation in occupied valley. Everyone remembers what happened in the year 2000 prior to the visit of US president Bill Clinton, when dozens of innocent Sikhs were brutally killed by Indian armed forces to create the same impact, Clinton expressed his regret over visiting India in his book, for sensitive, overzealous, Dur darshan watching Indians reading Bill Clinton’s account about the killings of those innocent Sikhs is like walking barefoot on a hot tin roof. One might feel tempted to slide down one steep slide into an inviting pool of outright denial, or roll off the other side and land on a haystack of extenuating theories, historical explanations, legal minutiae.

Kill some of their own and mourn over them, it is a popular trend when it comes to foreign policy corner stones of India, started from killing of Ghandi for which they still hate Pakistan, it’s like a rusty reusable template which still sells, Uri Attack has the exact same backdrop, just days before UN general assembly session and in the outset of PM Modi’s less than pleasing stance over Pakistan’s internal matters, it should make all the sense to the ones who are looking for an answer. Likewise, 1995 incident can be quoted in identical perspective in which half a dozen or so of western tourists lost their lives, involving some immature freedom fighters who thought it would be a good idea to draw world’s attention towards Kashmir issue by kidnapping some western nationals and bring media attention to the cause, Levy and Scott-Clark’s book “The Meadows” is an excellent account if someone wants to know what happened to the remaining four hostages who were not killed by the militants, they were executed by Indian forces themselves, bodies never to be found, all record of the investigation set ablaze latter, perhaps a trick learned by Sharifs from their partners in Delhi.

Timing of the attack is quite relevant to support the hypothesis that it could be a false flag, despite the fact some single minded factions from Pakistan are expressing joy over the proclaimed militant action and foolishly attempting to own it and completely shutting the eyes from the fact that in a wider context it is not something to be proud of, it will not help evolving Pakistan’s stand over diplomatically and politically supporting freedom movement in Kashmir.

it’s absolutely clear that ongoing indigenous Kashmiri freedom struggle will receive negative response from international community in their bid to build a strong political case against India and atrocities of Indian armed forces. On the other hand India now have an excuse to use even more brutal force to suppress peaceful protests. Thirdly, prior to the attack secretary Kerry’s statement of “Do More” for Pakistan and after this incident in Uri attack UN general assembly session now can easily be manipulated to become a Pak-bashing platform, which we can bet our bottom dollar PM Modi in his address to the general assembly will make sure it does.

Covering the Kashmir issue one cannot sideline the role and sacrifice of freedom fighters who raised arms to fight for their right, but they should keep in mind that armed resistance for independence should be a balancing lever of overall struggle which should function as a secondary tool under strict control of political leadership, that too until its results are complementing the whole cause. Loss of innocent lives and collateral damage should be avoided in achieving  the objectives of freedom. Any stray group or bunch of people who are working for the satisfaction of their own egos should not be considered as freedom fighters as such loose cannons have brought more harm than good to the freedom struggles around the globe. PLO and Palastiian armed resistance are examples where non-cohesion caused a great deal of damage and if any splinter group in Kashmir is operating with the same intention and somehow gets involved in any episode they should sincerely revisit the history and their strategy.

International community should understand, they are lacking the general sense of realization regarding the gravity of the situation, Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint for more than one reason, firstly and most importantly it’s about the right of self-determination of people of Kashmir, people who have been subjected to extreme human rights violations over decades of suppression, secondly it’s an unfinished agenda of partition, an unaddressed matter of united nation resolution 47 and like Palestine a clear evidence of international double standards when it comes to setting trends and solving issues related to suppressed Muslim masses. It’s a disputed territory between two atomic powers sitting near the strait of Hurmuz and strait of Malaka which are the life lines of world economy in context of being major oil trading routes. Thirdly and perhaps more significantly from Pakistan’s perspective Kashmir is the origin of Pakistan’s most fresh water resources, for Pakistan it’s the matter of life and death as core of our principal irrigation base relies heavily on rivers flowing downstream from the valley, the valley which Pakistan cannot afford to see in the constant state of turmoil. If General assembly succumbs to the theatrics of India and allows or supports any form of exaggerated pushing and phishing from delusional Indian war mongers who think they can come in “hot pursuit” or devise and rely on any “cold start” they need to remember that once final straw gets loaded on the camel’s back, the world as they know will change forever, though it will be madness, yet there will be a method to it.

Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at m.ahson.malik@gmail.com

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