Uri Attack – The Over Drive


In post proceedings of #UriAttack, the overdrive Indian war mongering elected has blown itself out of proportion terribly, this is what hysteria does, it twitches with cluelessness and ends on the same note, we listened an array so-called choices and objectives Indian Government and media proclaimed they have at their disposal and claimed in initial hours of the crisis they are going to perform “this this” to achieve “that that”, starting from thoughts of a nuclear answer to opting for the cold start, from initiating the surgical strikes to expelling Pakistani artists and now at the bottom of the pit they are vowing a proclamation to isolate Pakistan from international community, right from the start narrative of the Indian response walked on a slippery slope and now everything is looking downhill from there, it’s not an over statement by any mean, just a reflection of scattered semantics of the facts spread around us so vividly.

PM Modi perhaps was informed by his military Generals in opening hours of Uri incident that a military response to it would be difficult to foster for obvious reasons, when only 60% of the IAF’s aircrafts are in operational state and any chance of conventional showdown on the boarders was generating a cent percent indemnity to the fear of a nuclear response from Pakistan Indian reaction is all but surprising, they still might just try a misadventure considering politically they have cornered themselves in a closed ally after posing such gargantuan battle stance but such a likelihood is becoming remote by every passing day.

So what will PM Modi do now? He can’t put his money where his mouth is so possibly will try to launch a diplomatic offensive which according to them they already have, what that has brought to them in this short period of time is also quite a matter of shame; below is the list of Indian actions which have brought “isolation” to Pakistan.

  • Indians claimed Russians have cancelled the first ever joint military exercise with Pakistan which couldn’t turned out to be true as Russian military personnel are already in Pakistan.
  • Prior to the Uri incident, OIC has already uttered their full support for Kashmiris in joint session statement which India could not able to stop.
  • Chinese have shown their continuous support for Pakistani stance over Kashmir.
  • PM Nawaz Sharrif’s UN general assembly address received lot of positive attention, a part of Indians most of the world has given it its due consideration.
  • Turkey is looking forward to send a fact finding mission regarding Indian atrocities in Kashmir.
  • Iranians want to join hand in CPEC with Pakistan, President Rohnai stated security of Pakistan is important for Iran.
  • Though there were expressions of concerns from the west on the Indian accusations but generally the level overwhelming favorable response Indians were expecting was no way near the fuss they have created.

These are the initial responses to Indian campaign of aggression and isolation which Indians thought could bring them some international support but the efforts proved to be futile to cultivate substantial results. Only Afghanistan and Bangladesh showed their support for Indian point of view, both governments have viable reasons to do so, both being Muslim majority countries will face difficulty in practically helping India, Afghans being rules by an incompetent corrupt setup swarmed by anti-Pakistani factions of northern alliance whose only interest is to keep the conflict in Afghanistan alive by blaming their own shortcomings on Pakistan so they can fool the world and continue to get financial and governance aid which they can latter use for their personnel gains, this is what the history of Afghan war lords, on the other hand Haseena Wajid’s blind spirit of revenge is splitting and hurting the very fabric of Bangla society. Question is if a war breaks out how exactly these 2 governments will come to aid of their Indian friends against the will of their people, it’s kind of zero multiply by zero plus zero type of condition for India in this context

From Pakistan’s perspective we should keep our guard up, we continuously need to follow up in the international community for the right of self-determination for the people of Kashmir, we should keep bringing the attention of the world towards the human rights violation in Kashmir as well as keep the decibel level high over Indian interference in Pakistan, Indian stance over Baluchistan to be precise, we need to convey the world that Brhamdakh Bugti is a wanted felon involved in multiple acts of terrorism and sabotage in Baluchistan, Indian acts of granting him asylum or citizenship are the clear cut evidences of their menacing role in undermining internal security of Pakistan. Similarly, downfall of MqM in Karachi is also great setback for Doval doctrine which requires an escalation on international forums, two of the most significant Indian political assets in Pakistani political scenario are on their way out of the game.

In final analysis, round one of the Uri Attack’s aftermath belongs to Pakistan, India botched its attempts to gain any military or diplomatic foothold in the following days of the attack, despite common belief, they were unable to produce any substantial evidence that indicates it was indeed a Pakistani Op, they were failed to get anticipated response over the matter from international community and now dancing in circle out of their dire desperation to find a way out from it. This is what hysteria does, it twitches with cluelessness and ends on the same note.


Ahsan Malik is an IT professional with a passionate & candid version of his own on national and international issues relating to Pakistan, he tweets @MohdAhsanMalik and can be reached at m.ahson.malik@gmail.com

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  1. Well written.

    I do believe the Pakistani approach was correct and alot softer. The Indian approach was not complimentary of a nation aspiring to be a voice on the international stage – border line despotic.

    Agreed Pakistan needs to be alot more firm and like Sir Erdogan this will also bide well for us as no longer a push over.

    We need to be alot more critical over Bramadagh on par with Turkish stance on Gulen.

    Water terrorism needs to be voiced and our response to the world will be to remove Indian such adventures by force.

    The Indian terrorist caught needs to be paraded across the world, the links between MQM and India need to be exposed and support for TTP and other Afghan terrorists in Pakistan.

    Overall I believe Pakistan has honoured the Kashmiri cause and I write as an Azad Kashmiri and a Pakistani.

  2. The right wing Hindu has shown his little self for what he / sheis..

    Bare face liar and a bigot xenophobia.

    One thing though – information is king I. this highly connected world.

    Very important that we ensure the Pakistani narrative is well represented on the Internet.

    Pakistani entrepreneurs need to set up independent WordPress sites discussing social political topics but also promoting the beauty of geography culture and history of Pakistan.

    I fondly used to read Moin Ansari’s Rupee News and how the articles were ranked highly on Google with keywords tagged.

    We need more of such entrepreneurs bringing Pakistan and Pakistani culture history to the fire front.

    The way we use words to highlight circumstance is very important and seen by India at the UN. We need to be able to maturely put across the real narrative to improve the Pakistani image tainted by a decade long war in Afghanistan.

    Everyone can be part of that, each and every one of you representing your land your nation on social media. The better among you should maturely set up online media journals focused on the topicsame at hand.

    India will learn from her mistakes at the UN but Pakistan needs to continue represent truth.

    We also now need to set desk to support the indigenous freedom movements like:

    1. Khalistan
    2. Seven Sister States
    3. Assam
    4. Tamil Nadu

    Rights of minorities across India Sikhs Muslims Dalits and Christians.

    We need to do more and create a block against India.

  3. Furthermore…

    Pakistan needs to mobilise the global Kashmiri diaspora.

    Find young new generation Kashmiri readers abroad that are articulate and organised rather than the usual oldies whom are disorganised and disjointed.

    Kashmiri diaspora in the UK alone are very vociferous. It is high time Pakistan sends young new diplomats from Pakistan to educate and work with them so they can be armed with the right information to protest against India in their tens of thousands.

    Reach out to Khalistani in UK, US and Canada and hold joint rallies against India.

    If India wants protests let them be the Pakistani Street army on the streets protesting against Indian brutalities.

    Pakistan has many mediums at its disposal to take the peaceful fight to India, Pakistan just needs to be organised to set this up.

    It is high time we do this and do so continously.

    Kashmiri’s in the UK, US and Europe are willing to hold roadshows, city to city to highlight Kashmir sufferings. Pakistan needs to actively support them to make it relevant professional and very articulate.

    Such a medium can be taken across Europe and the Muslim countries.

    Pakistan must start becoming more active and articulate in highlighting Indian terror and not use the UN alone to do this.

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