Uproar in Israel, Germany over Palestinian President Abbas’s remarks


BERLIN: German Chancellor Olaf Scholz voiced disdain on Wednesday at comments by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the German chief said reduced the significance of the Holocaust, while Israel blamed Abbas for telling a “enormous untruth”.

During a visit to Berlin on Tuesday, Abbas blamed Israel for committing “50 Holocausts” in light of an inquiry concerning the approaching 50th commemoration of the assault in the Israeli group at the 1972 Munich Olympics by Palestinians.

“For us Germans specifically, any relativisation of the peculiarity of the Holocaust is insufferable and unsuitable,” Scholz tweeted on Wednesday. “I’m disturbed by the ludicrous comments made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.”

Scholz’s office brought the top of the Palestinian political mission in Berlin to fight the comments by Abbas, a German government representative said.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid considered the remarks a “shame”. Germany’s ZDF TV detailed that Scholz would address Lapid on Thursday to try not to last harm to ties. Since the Holocaust and World War Two, German government officials have focused on their exceptional obligation towards Israel.

“Mahmoud Abbas blaming Israel for having committed ’50 Holocausts’ while remaining on German soil isn’t just an ethical shame, however an immense untruth,” Lapid said on Twitter.

“History won’t ever pardon him.”

In light of the objection, Mahmoud Abbas gave an assertion referring to the killing of Jews in Germany during World War II as “the most egregious wrongdoing in current mankind’s set of experiences”.

He said his comment on Tuesday was not expected to deny the peculiarity of the Holocaust however to feature “the wrongdoings and slaughters carried out against the Palestinian nation since the Nakba because of Israeli powers”.

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