UNSC notified about grave circumstance in held Kashmir


ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on Monday advised the president about the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and UN secretary general of the proceeding with grave circumstance in involved Jammu and Kashmir.

In his letter addressed to the leader of UNSC and UN secretary general, the unfamiliar priest highlighted the crumbling common liberties and philanthropic circumstance in held Kashmir and the constant danger to global harmony and security presented by India’s provocative and reckless way of talking just as its history of coordinating bogus banner tasks.

He requested settlement of the Jammu and Kashmir question as per applicable goals of the Security Council which ensure the Kashmiris right to self-assurance through the popularity based strategy for a free and unbiased plebiscite directed under the sponsorship of the United Nations.

The unfamiliar priest caused the to notice the new spate of extra-legal killings, discretionary captures and illicit confinements in India-involved Kashmir, says a public statement gave by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He featured the new capture of eminent Kashmiri basic freedoms extremist Khurram Parvez on exaggerated accusations in complete dismissal for essential common liberties standards, standards and worldwide law.

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