Unity – The Vision of Quaid


As we are commemorating the 142nd birth anniversary of Quaid –e- Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, remembering the Predecessor of the nation who stood up in contradiction of the British rule and bestowed a separate state in which every person regardless of their sect, religion, ethics or race, they can perform their obligations without being answerable. Needless to mention, that the state has come into existence in the name of “Islam” and recognized as an “Islamic Republic” but every inhabitant can live their life according to their religious obligations. Similarly, Islam also demonstrates us to esteem other beliefs as well and do not impose your considerations on others.

Unity – Faith – Discipline – The very eminent slogan of Jinnah, that presented a direction to the lives of Pakistanis, which also been occupied by the Western realms. I would rather regard this slogan as a scheme of life that needs to be applying to get excellence in life. Nonetheless, it gave a ray of hope and direction for the youth of the country. Ostensibly, they give the impression of three simple words, but if expounded, they retain a vast meaning of life and secret of victory concealed in them.
If we just pick out Unity from the scheme, then it is one of the crucial needs of every state. Unity is obligatory in every single department/institute to work against all odds, stand up, and unite in all circumstances, whether good or bad, regardless of races, ethics, and culture. Quaid e Azam was utterly aware of the nation he was generating that, numerous cultures and linguistics shall be in one state, to unite them all, he bound the nation in a single string; he declared “URDU” language as the prime language of Pakistan.

Nonetheless, where few people gather, there would be the difference in opinion. Rationally, such differences are compulsory but sometimes they turn out to be the source of arguments or conflicts. Unfortunately, more than a few elements have created differences in us, likewise, sectarian differences, political, logical and sometimes cultural. Nevertheless, we as a nation exemplified ourselves as the utmost patriotic and cohesive nation according to the surveys. We stood up with each other in the time of catastrophes or in contentment. As a nation, we supported the victims of uncountable suicide bomb attacks, regardless of their religion or sect, every Pakistani stood up for them. Moreover, the world witnessed our fortitude and empathies towards the victims and their families on brutally killing of flowers in Army Public School, Peshawar (16-12-2014). Whole nation mourned over the massive carnage and the populaces who used to not in favor of the Operation in Northern areas against militants, extended their support as well. Incalculable massacre Pakistani nation has witnessed but the unanimity remained intact. Support for our armed forces especially Pakistan Army is not ambiguous; we entirely stayed behind the soldiers of our motherland and shall support them in every thick and thin in all circumstances and recognizing their efforts and sacrifices, they made to secure us from the foes of Pakistan.

Our passion for Cricket would be the superlative illustration of unity. Whether it is Pakistan Super League (PSL) or International tournaments, unity would be a paradigm. We entirely provide furtherance to Pakistani Cricket team whether they perform well in the ground or not, the passion for Cricket will never fade out from the hearts of Pakistanis. Regardless of sect, religion or culture, we implore and rejoice the victory of Pakistan in the Cricket tournaments.

Pakistanis as a nation are indebted to Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who propined us Pakistan, owing to which we are having our peculiar acknowledgment and worth that can never stall. Whether few aspects created dissimilarities among us or alienated us into the fragments, but we are acquainted with the value of unity very well and have the capability to uphold it, as it is the philosophy and vision of our Quaid.

Sana Zehra is a Microbiologist and have keen interest in writing, a patriot and willing to be an aspiring writer.

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