United we stand divided we fall


As is needed in these times of turmoil

Once I heard that “United we stand divided we fall”. As we know that now Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world so when you get popular you also get enemies. Enemies that try to destroy you from everywhere whether it is the battle fields, economy, relations with other countries, sports or by division to reduce the collective strength. They provoke the extremism of sects between Muslims. The Quran strongly forbids divisions of any sort or to associate with those that break away into sects.

“Indeed, those who divide their religion and break up into sects, you have no part with them in the least: their affair is with God: He will in the end tell them the truth of all that they used to do”. (06:159)

I want to demonstrate this by the help of a message by one of the greatest leaders of the Islamic history, Sultan Salahu-din-Ayubi, who was delivering khutbah in a masjid saying “The stain of misfortune can be washed away not by shedding tears but the blood of Martyrs. Remember! The way you are leading your life its equal to a joke with the nature and nature does not forgive joking on the part of the people with it. The Muslims become united themselves like iron wall against disbelievers. When the whole lot of disbelievers are organizing their power against you, at the same time at the cross roads of Baghdad your scholars are advising you to shed your mutual blood day & night. “

On this a man who was known as one of the sects of Baghdad, Stood up and cried: “I respectfully dare to ask to which sect you belong?”

Tahir signaled him to sit down and said” I am a Muslim”.

Person: “What sort of Muslim you are?”

Tahir replied with shattered nerves “You have been counting the kinds of Muslims for the last 300 years, but still you have failed to recognize the difference between true & false, Real & Unreal. This is because you do not look at others through the criteria of Islam, but you have made different criteria’s of recognizing and no one can come up to the standards of your criteria.”

“My Dear! May be I cannot come up to the standards of your criteria and maybe I cannot fly with you high in the sky with the wings of your intellectual thoughts and the criteria you have put forward to recognize the belief of others may be I do not come up to the mark. But if you would be by my side in the battlefield of khowarzam and would have asked the same question as to which kind of Muslim I am then I could have replied that, the criteria of a true Muslim is a few steps away.”

“If I can smile under the rain of arrows of the disbelievers and if I can recite the Kalimah under the shades of swords of the disbelievers and if I can remain strong after feeling the death at my juggler vein then consider me a true Muslim. If my body were badly wounding under the horses of disbelievers and I would still be praying to Allah that “Oh my Lord please save the Ummah of your beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)” then consider me a True Muslim.”

May be this example is sufficient to reveal the Truth.

“Paradise is under the Shades of Swords” Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


Sayyam Malik is a student of M.Phil in Information Technology. And have much interest in Defense related matters, he tweets @SAYYAM_MALIK and can be reached at sayyamg3@gmail.com

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