Understanding The News; 640 Killed in Chemical Attack on Ghouta



News of painful aggression of Assad’s forces on civilians residing in Rebel held areas are pouring in from all mainstream channels. Use of mass-killing weapons is indeed a dreadful act upon humanity and needs to be countered in the strictest manner; still we need to analysis the news from all sides before we make up our conclusions.

Chemical weapons attacks have killed dozens on the outskirts of Damascus, Syrian opposition activists claim. BBC

Syrian activists accused President Bashar Al Assad’s forces of launching a nerve gas attack on rebel-held districts near Damascus on Wednesday that they said killed more than 200 people… Activists said rockets with chemical agents hit the suburbs of Ain Tarma, Zamalka and Jobar in the Ghouta region. GulfToday

At least 640 people have been killed in a nerve gas attack on Syria’s Ghouta region, activists at the Syrian Revolution General Commission told Al Arabiya on Wednesday morning, as hundreds were also reported wounded. Al Arabia

We should remember that this is not the first time the Assad’s regime has been alleged for the use of chemical weapons, there has been allegations of one in Damascus in March and another in Homs in December, on the contrary the Assad regime has alleged the Rebels to have used chemical weapons in a pro-regime area outside Aleppo in March.

In April when Assad refused to allow entry to the UN observers for CWs, the issue was that Syria wanted the UN to investigate only the site it alleged to be the rebel chemical attack near Aleppo, when the UN team wanted approach to the other sites. It can be questioned why the UN missed the chance to at least check that one site, if it vows to represent all sides of humanity.

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  1. The western gagenceis want to keep the regin is chaos. That is certain and has been apparant from the start of the attack on Iraq.
    We cannot rule out an attack by the current government but we need eye-witness accounts.

    Having said that the chemical attack has all the hallmarks of being foreign-inspired. What are the signs you may ask?

    1. timing that suits the foreign hand
    2. more fercious then it had been previously
    3. the attack was amateurish as if done by untrained/hastly trained attackers.

  2. either assad (and every other dictator that has been targeted by washington) is just conveniently stupid or the zionist pressitutes are lying again. researching today’s events just now tells me it’s the latter. if independent alternative media doesn’t corroborate the zionist establishment media narrative then i’m not going to believe them.

  3. Pkkh I thought u had more Brian’s to think right. This whole Syria crisis is created by anti Assad backed by west all Europe, USA, UK, Israel, Saudi arab , Qatar n jordan. Assad is good, he did not killed any, all these are pure terrorists and half of these are TTP terrorists against Assad gov backed by all above. Assad is only BA ked by Russia and Iran. Russia had to BA k Assad, due to Russian only base in Syria. Russia has no other base any where in world and west want Russia out of the region forever so Israel can rule with free hands. I am ashamed all Pakistanis are playing in the hands of west and Israel and towing CIA and moss ad media lines. How come these terrorist are bad when they attack Pakistanis, it r good when they attack k Syrian ppl??????_ so called free Syrian army is a terrorist outfit against Syrian gov and Syria and anyone that supports their gov, and Assad was alllected with popular votes and Syrias really like their president Assad. Due to Assad economic polices Syria is the only one single state in mid east that has no mfi debt, not it allowed macdonnalds and coca-cola and pepcis to detail Syrian economies. West with currupt Saudis and Qataris are destroying Syria and Syrian ppl. Syrian armed forces are fight off just like Pakistani army is fight with terrorists. Plz get your heads check out. FREE SYSRIA ARMY IS A TERRORIST OUTFIR AND IT OPERATES ALONG WITH THE TTP TERRORIST OUTFIT. ALSO WEST AND SAUDIS AND QATARIS are employing youths on fake jihad and sallery of about one million dollar. Plz if u guys want to help then it is the Syrian gov and Syrian ppl that need help not these fsa terrorists. Now these terrorist that are not needed by the west and Saudis and Qataris and jordanians, they now killing them with camicals to launch NATO forces in Syria just like they did in lybia.

    • assad isn’t good by normal standards but he is in this case being unfairly accused. that is not right. u don’t need to be a supporter of assad to understand this. after what has happened to pakistanis at the hands of terrorists funded and armed by cia, raw and mossad these past years, i thought they would be more suspicious of news that comes from zionist media. instead the general population (which doesn’t include u of course) has disregarded all common sense and logic and are supporting the “rebels” without even doing any research. that’s what it seems like anyway. i could be wrong.

    • Yes, you are right! Assad is GOOD! Every tyrant is good as long as he rules some XYZ country other than Pakistan. And he was elected by the people, getting 99% of the votes. This is enough to show how very extremely popular he is!
      Would you just mind thinking where the 99% are now? And if 99% of his population had elected him s he claimed, how can he bomb them? Or does he only precisely pick out the 1% to bomb?
      About the million dollar salary to youth going for Jihaad, I would very sincerely advice you to at least find out half the truth before talking baseless conspiracy nonsense. And about the TTP, I must say I admire your intellect. If the TTP was so strong as to give nightmares to Assad for over two years, you or any other ‘Pakistani’ would not be comfortably talking conspiracies online. You would be entangled in a much worse nightmare by now, God forbid.

      • You calling Assad a tyrant is like the pot calling the kettle black.

        And fsa and alqaeda don’t constitute as 99% of Syria. Them and their supporters don’t even count as 50% of Syria.

    • Oh yes, and about all the sympathy for good old Russia while bashing the West; does beloved innocent Russia belong to the East? It is pro-Islam while the West is anti-Islam? Would you mind finding out a little about what beloved Russia has done with its Muslim population through the ages, and how it treats Muslims even now?

  4. Remember FSA is other part of TTP terrorist outfit against Syria, Syrian armed forces, and Syrian people. Fsa was launched by the west, Saudis, Qataris, Jordanian and EU, Israel and USA against Assad, who refused IMF loans and IMF economic set ups in Syria. Syria is debt free state with good gov that is favored by majority of Syrians. Now that Syrian armed forces has been fighting off with FSA terrorists over last few years especially last two years to save Syria from these foreign backed terrorists, just like terrorists inside Pakistan TTP and Pakistan armed for se are battling and fighting off with them. Plus help Syrian ppl and Assad gov and help Russia to fight off NATO, USA, UK, EU, Israel, Saudis, Qataris and Jordanians.

  5. These false flag mass murders are being done by USA, UK, EU, Saudis, Qataris, Jordan and Israel, because now these powers do not requires these terrorists, because these power want to launce NATO attack on sysria to over take Syria to bring it under Israel and NATO control and if these powers successes in theiepr evil plans then Russia will also lose and we will see new power emerging Israel on planet. Assad and his gov and sysrian armed forces and yria are being targeted by e I’ll beings for their I’ll and evil plans, may Allah help Syria and Syrians. These terrorists are foreigners mostly hiered just like ppl are hierd for http. Now FSA AND TTP AND ALQIDA AND USA AND UK AND EU AND SAUDIS AND QATAR AND JORDAN AND BHARAIN ARE AS ONE UNIT AND THIS UNIT WZS LAUNCH AGAINST PAKISTAN, NOW BECAUSE ALL THESE TERRORISTS ARE BUSY IN SYRIA AND EYGPT, THEY HAVE LAUNCHED INDIA ON PAKISTAN’S EASTERN BOARDRS. PLS UNDERSTAND THINGS, THIS IS BIGGEST PLAN OF EVIL BEINGS AGAIN ISLAM AND MUSIMAN, SO HELP SYRIAN PPL AND SYRIAN ARMED FORCES AND SYRIAN GOV AGAINST THESE DOGS OF HELL FSA-TTP-ALQUAIDA.


  7. The only way anti Islam and anti musliman and anti Syria and anti Assad and anti Syrian ppl forces can successes if they show to the world, oh look Assad is killing its ppl. This is all false propaganda against Syrian backed gov of Assad. Because most terrorists are busy in Egypt, and Syria, they brought Indian army on Pakistan’s eastern borders to bog down park army just like they are doing to Syrian army. Syrian army is defending its country from planted terrorist just like park army is defending Pakistan from terrorists.

  8. BBC, Gulf news, and Al-Arabia are not credible source for the truth, rather, a mouth piece of their governments and their anti-human agendas.

    I am surprised at PKKH for publishing this garbage.

  9. MORSI MADE BLUNDER IN EGYPT. AKHWAN BRATHERS WERE SET UP TO WIN WITH OVER WHELMING MAJORITY TO MAKE IT LOOKS LIKE EGYPT IS UNDER ISLAMIC RULE. ALL THOSE IN AL-THAIRER SQUAIR STARTED WITH A ZION SET UP WITH OVER 100,000 crooks, criminals, terrorists, derailed and deranged criminals, TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE PPL ARE FED UP OF MUBARAK’S GOV AND REVOLUTION IS IN EGYPT, WHICH IS TRUE ANYWAY. THOSE PPL SITTING OUT WERE PART OF BIGGER PICTUERS, AMONG THOSE INNOCENT EGYPTIANS JOINED IN AS FOLLOWING TREND. ANYHOW AKHWAN WERE MADE TO FORM AN ISLAMIC JAMAT GOV IN OFFICE AND WENT FOR referendum to have sharia in Egypt. Only 30% or so ppl took part and majority stayed out of it. Gov was asked over and over by good Egyptians to drop off referendum for sharia as it would not be right devotion right now because Egypt has Christian population and Islamic ly you can not apply Islam on non musliamn majority. But akhwans went ahead and declared they have won against albrady opposition. Last ditch attempt was made by both musiman and crishtian sides to stop akwans gov from implementing sharia without any consultations, talks, con nets or agreements, basic ly akhwans managed to split up one nation of Egypt into two Christians and muslimans. Egypt army did warned akhwans, but they were on high rides with no skills, knowledge, expertise or wisdoms. This brought Egypt a civil war like situation in Egypt and this is where eygpt had to intervene to save Egypt from breaking into two states, just like Sudan. Akhwans played very well in the hands of Zionists and nearly split one eygpt into two parts, one for musliman and other for indigness Christian populations. Akhwans are criminals beyond any doubts. They helped Zions to not only destroy Egypt,s strong economics but also are responsible of being played up by the Zion controlled state bank and the judyciary. And so the fed bank, the judyshrey and outsider enemies brought Egypt to current states. Plz know your facts accurately before taking sides. In Egypt case, Egypt army even though heavily influenced by Israel, it still was a musliman patriotic armed force of Egypt that saw what akhwans were doing to the country, which forced army to step in to save country from breaking up, which Zions wanted so much. The non experienced half fools and half traitors akhwans, traitor sold out judyciary and Zion controlled bank played a role before our eyes to break up Egypt into two or even maybe three parts and its armed forces saved it.

  10. I request all Pakistanis to study middle east demographics before you make yourselves led by Zions. Egyptian armed forces saved the day in Egypt and failed enemy plans against one united Egypt. Now that the nefarious plans have failed, now they have started barking against Egyptian armed forces that it is killing its own ppl. Heavily involved Iran is helping the Zions in Egypt case, whereas Iran is siding with Russia on Syrian case. Iran is also meddling in Afghanistan and might be behind housing Indians inside Afghanistan against Pakistan’s interests in the region. Arabs are putty in the hands of western powers and even more weaker in western women’s hands, and those western women played a vital role in ME to control it over 60 years till today. We see those western women are now being exported in Pakistan now. If Arabs are putty in west’s hands then west is putty in Jewish hands and the winner is Jew of Israel, whether it was Qaddafi, Bashar ul Assad’s father, Sauds, Mubarak or the rest, they all were pawns and planted individuals and they thought they were kings for eternity. I wonder how they would ever face Allah and prophet Rasool Allah on the judgement day for their crimes against fellow Musliman populations and nations to serve their lords the west and the Israeli Jew?

  11. ### Remember revolutions take times to form and majorly they are helped in most cases, also revolutions are easily led, easily derailed, easily high jacked and easily manipulated. Revolution is devil’s handing tool, and evil brings it out only now and then. Revolution is pure evil deed, at face value it looks pretty but in reality it is just a tool in evil,s artillery bag against mankind. So anyone the ever talks about revolution, con cider him or her you enemy number one. An Islamic history started with prophet Rasool Allah Hazrat Mohammad Saloallyhi Wallahi Wasalam and he never formed revolution, he never asked for revolution, he never led revolution. Rasool Allah was a true strategist and a faithful slave of Allah even before he become a prophet; just follow him he is our man!!!

  12. writing too much is nothing to write something clear and less. The act done by whether assad/fsa is devastative and miserable. We should stand alongside with the innocent peoples of syria.

    Also don’t defend assad and his forces or may be you’re one of them….

    • @ Khan’s

      You are wrong, you are spreading 90 degree false propaganda against Syria (an recognised international legal state), against legal Syrian gov, and against legal Syrian armed forces.

      When Pakistan decided to launch operation against foreign backed Takfifer group TTP, the people of Pakistan, their gov, judyciary, state bank, legal Fatwas and armed forces jointly comprehensively took dision to servitude Pakistan as a state. This is exactly Syria, Syrian people, their gov, judyciary, rescuer bank, and armed forces did against the Takfiri foreign backed group FSA to servitude Syria.

      The false propoghnda against Syrian armed forces and Syrian gov you are spreading among Pakistanis was also attempted against Pakistan’s armed forces and against Pak gov and is still persuade with boiling blood. But historical die hard love, respect and honor of both Pak people and their armed forces with one another and with Pakistan saved the day. Syrians also hold highest esteem for their gov and armed forces and it is their armed force that is saving Syria.

  13. To all, I am supporter of no one but a supporter of the one and only international/glob le leader Hazret Mohammad Rasool Allah a prophet selected and then elected none but Allah for all mankind. I merely draw all of your attentions towards a huge step propaganda against Arabs, Arab peninsula, Musliman, Islam and Mankind.

    Remember; history tells us, the losing or lost battles/wars have been misconstrued, manipulated, degraded, deformed and declared won over through shear degeneration propagandized mostly and in all recorded war history losing ends has always used and uses as a last attempt and many a times they declared victories over true victories through managing pure deceptions, lies, twists and brain washings, period.

    After the collapsed of Zion USSR new state emerged as Russia that is right this minute far more in war with Zions then any Musliman group or state. New Russia is battling off old leftovers and new developments emerging with light speed all around us.
    West has been high jacked by the Zions and Musliman done nothing to safeguard west from an overwhelming onslaught of the Zions against innocent ppl of the west and the innocent governments and innocent policy makers. So with no support or anyone to look up to the west polarized and started falling in the lap of Zion one by one. Musliman were not given Islam so they can mark their foreheads of Sajdas, not at all, in fact Musliman was given a leadership of all mankind to put it to right paths.

    The great Zion propagandists blackmailed west to the core of their lasts of bones, so the west fell face down in front of Zions and Musliman kept watching and watching and watching and never used Al Quran and Sunnah to launch Allah’s order to protect west, Africa, aljazaiers, Asia and Arabia.

    Mankind’s basic freedom, responsibilities such as jihad, educations, values and morals also been high jacked by Zions, so we see amazing phenomenons, the youths been targeted from around the world to rip off these gems of their basic human make overs.

    Zion also alarms and challenges openly, when it declares you have over 60% youth population, but no one pays heeds and do not gather themselves to thinks to safeguard that 60 or 70% youths, where will they go to carve their futures, where will they be used, and how and who will use them? But there is a total darkness inside and outside.

    Non can wash off their filthy hands of responsibilities Allah and his Rasool Hazret Mohammad has appointed.

    So where to start?

    Open Al Quran, distribute AlQuran and Sunnah worldwide through a simple program, let ppl receive and begin living a total new life according to the message.

    Right now globe especially west looking for two solutions for two most basic fundamental disasters; political and economic and Musliman hold the keys and solutions to both. Come on grab the opportunity and deliever what world needs. Both economics and political solutions are in sole Musliman,s hands, “MAAN O SALWAH” is in Musliman’s hands, go distribute it, so you can implement Allah and his Rasool’s Hydait..

  14. Assad is a criminal.He is not only killing innocent civilians ,but has encouraged shia/sunni conflict in Syria, Lebanon and elsewhere, as evidenced on this web site.

  15. guys, i would only request for all of us to remove our goggles of prejudice before we set to analyse global scenarios, presenting the other side of the argument doesn’t mean pkkh is being pro=assad or pro-rebels, for those who want to stick to their beliefs in the dark, afraid to even put the light bulb on, they are welcomed to remain…

  16. What we must all remember is irrespective of who is the right or wrong leader is chaos has been created in the Muslim lands. It is planned.

    What you and I need to do to get on more forums and put our views forward. There are many supporters on agree the truth lies in between the lines written by the western mass-media.


    • If you are looking to find truth you will Not find it in PressTV..it is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the Iranian government…they have a fixed agenda to be anti western and no requirement to be truthful of objective…

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