Uncovering the Ugly Truth!

Domestic violence is any form of physical, economic or emotional abuse that is experienced majorly by women. This practice is often conducted willfully by men belonging to almost all walks of life in order to display their control and power. It is observed that in between 70% to 90 % of women become a victim of such brutal practices .One of the reasons behind the escalation of such harsh and violent behavior is the concept of inequality which is injected in our minds and hearts from the very beginning .Which in return deflates our ability to think beyond this point.
Although it remains undoubtedly true that the nature of torture on women in contemporary society has drastically changed .As during the pre-modern tenure women were often subjected to physical pain. For instance, cold-hearted men in order to display their physical strength or hide their own complexities used to callously smack and strike women. While the modern attackers practice emotional abuse on their targets by calling names, degrading, yelling, shouting and making their partners financially dependent.
Although this modern-modified approach is also an imperative element of violence and has an equal destructive impact on victim as physical abuse, but regrettably men of our society refuse to admit it.
Pakistan has strong legislative and social laws for protecting women against any kind of physical violence. However, there are no proper laws for some kinds of domestic violence such as emotional degradation and humiliation. As these kinds of violence are barely noticeable, as a result more cases of domestic violence are being reported nowadays. In my opinion, government should impose laws in order to curtail even this kind of domestic violence.

is currently teaching at SICAS and is a student of Masters in Business Administration, and can be reached at sarasaaad@gmail.com

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