UN Must Play Role To Resolve Kashmir Issue: Nawaz Shareef



ANKARA – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif chose to speak his mind to an English Turkish newspaper ‘Today’s Zaman’ on vital national issues, including Kashmir, Afghanistan, terrorism and US drone strikes.
About the Kashmir issue, the prime minister said that the dispute was the longest outstanding issue on the agenda of the United Nations Security Council which had passed two resolutions.
The Security Council resolutions provided for holding of a fair and impartial plebiscite in Indian held Kashmir under the UN auspices to enable the Kashmiri people to exercise their right to self-determination.
He hoped the UN would play its due role in resolving this dispute. “Recent tensions along the Line of Control were indeed a matter of concern for us. Pakistan would continue to respond to the situation with restraint and responsibility,” he asserted.
He also renewed Pakistan’s commitment to a serious, sustained and constructive engagement with India that must include the core issue of Jammu and Kashmir. “I have always given high priority to good relations with India for the sake of durable peace in the region,” he said.
He spoke in categorical terms that the US strategy to use drone strikes in Pakistan against terrorists not only violated their sovereignty and international law but was also counterproductive and caused further radicalisation in the society.
“These strikes undermined their collective efforts to counter extremism, terrorism and expressed his confidence that there was a rethinking in the US about the utility of the drone strikes,” he observed.
The prime minister said peace and stability in Afghanistan was directly linked to peace and stability in Pakistan.
He said his government had more than one option to deal with terrorists, but would use force only as the last option. He said terrorism knew no borders and curbing it was a global challenge. Pakistan and the international community, including the United States, had a shared interest in curbing terrorism.
The prime minister emphasised Turkey’s role as a bridge between Asia and Europe and Pakistan’s potential to become a gateway to energy-rich Central Asia. He said the Afghanistan-Pakistan-Turkey trilateral process was an important initiative aimed at promoting peace, stability and socio-economic development in Afghanistan.
“Physically, we may live thousands of miles apart, but our hearts beat together and we are truly one nation, two states,” he maintained. The prime minister said the unique geographical situation of both Turkey and Pakistan made them strategically important.

Source: http://www.nation.com.pk

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  1. Rhetoric and faith do not usually succeed but reason does 99% of time.Rhetoric and faith shall succeed but Pakistan has no faith in good things nor does Pakistan replace rhetoric by action to save the dignity of Kashmiris and the humanity.
    you know that UN shall never do it and you know that Pakistan shall never become more powerful than India.UN shall do it but it needs flexibility more than persistence.
    Then how come would Pakistan get Indian occupied Kashmir liberated.Only Kashmiris can disintegrate India but how come would Kashmir become then the part of Pakistan.Kashmir shall become the part of Pakistan but Pakistan needs to understand that India believes in bullet only.
    Bullet has to be answered in bullet only.

  2. Nowaz Sharif is as Sharif as Erdogan, a Muslim.
    They both are under Islamic Ethics, Principles and Edicts violation therefore Hypocrite.

    U N O is controlled by Rottenchild and Rocketfeller that controlls the Mega Banks that print money out of thin air back by Saudi Oil and not gold or silver. Therefore relying on U N O for solution is stupid. Then Nowaz is the most stupid person in Pakistan.

    Rottenchild Family were the financier of E India Company that gave India to British Monarch on silver platter. Looted India and grew opium to export it to China.

    The same Cabal created Wahabism and Ahmedism. The same Cabal divided Arabia and handed it over to satanic Kings that owed their allegiance to the Queen.

    Jerusalem and Kashmir are Biblical Land and would not be liberated through U N O.

    The Holy scriptures that mention ‘Land of Milk and Honey’ is Kashmir and not Jerusalem. In both of these Territories the non-Muslims must keep the status-quo for power and subjugation of Muslims.

    Therefore Pakistan needs a out of the box dynamic person to steer Country and KO the monkeys, pigs, rats, elephants across the borders.

  3. Pakistan tried all it could in past 66 years …. four failed wars ….. over tow decades of failed State sponsored terrorism ….. failed support to Khalistanis ….. what other “out of box” option is left for Pakistan …. ?? …… nukes …. ? ….. in case of any nuke attack on India by Pakistan may result in all the Sunnis within India’s reach, upto Turkey vapourize within hours …..

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