UN chief urges Syria to transfer chemical weapons


syria-rebel_2507694b...UNITED NATIONS, Sept 9  (APP):  U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon Monday urged Syria to immediately agree to transfer chemical weapons and chemical precursors to a safe place within the country to be destroyed. If United Nations weapons inspectors confirm the use of chemical weapons in Syria, it would mark an ‘abominable crime’  deserving of international response, the secretary-general said in a briefing with reporters at UN Headquarters in New York.Responding to questions, he said he will also propose to the Security Council that it unite and demand an immediate chemical weapons transfer should U.N. inspectors conclude that such weapons were used in an attack Aug. 21 in a suburb of Damascus.

He said he is also considering asking the council to demand accountability for the alleged chemical weapons attack.
Ban spoke shortly after Secretary of State John Kerry said that if President Bashar al-Assad wants to avert an attack on Syria he should hand over all of his chemical weapons within one week. Russia, the Syrian government’s key ally, quickly welcomed the idea.
Source: AP

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