Ukrainian city of Mariupol searches for survivors after air strike hits theatre


KYIV: Rescue workers on Thursday dug survivors out of the debris of a theatre in the besieged megacity of Mariupol which Ukraine said had been hit by a Russian air strike as people sheltered there from drumfires.

Russia denied striking the theatre. But its forces have blasted metropolises and killed numerous civilians in its assault on Ukraine, now entering its fourth week.

Officers from both sides met again on Thursday for peace addresses, but they said their positions remained far piecemeal.

Mariupol, a southern harborage megacity, has suffered the worst philanthropic catastrophe of the war, with hundreds of thousands of civilians trapped in basements with no food, water or power as Russian forces pound it with ordnance fire and air strikes.

City authorities said they were still not suitable to estimate the number of possible casualties from Wednesday’s alleged air strike on the theatre.

“ History and moment, despite nonstop shelling, debris is being cleared as important as is possible and people are being saved. Infor­mation about victims is still being clarified,” the megacity council said in a statement. It handed no numbers on the number of people saved.

Marketable satellite filmland showed the word “ children” had been marked out on the ground in front of the structure before it was hit.

Russian foreign ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova said the allegation that Russia had bombed the theatre was a “ taradiddle”, and repeated Kremlin denials that Russian forces have targeted civilians. “ Russia’s fortified forces do n’t lemon municipalities and metropolises,” she told a briefing.

Mariupol megacity council latterly said further than people were still sheltering in the megacity and had left. The assault on Ukraine started with colors crossing the border or wharf by ocean and air on Feb 24. But Western countries say its prospects of a nippy palm and the junking of President Volodymyr Zelensky’s government have been dashed and its irruption force has got embrangle down.

Sides far piecemeal
The war has settled into a grinding pattern of sieges of metropolises. The United Nations said3.2 million civilians, substantially women and children, have now fled Ukraine to neighbouring countries. But the Russians have failed to capture a major megacity in the face of spirited resistance from Ukrainian forces.

British military intelligence said on Thursday the irruption had “ largely stalled on all fronts”, and Russian forces were suffering heavy losses.

A fourth straight day of addresses between Russian and Ukrainian mediators took place by videotape link, but the Kremlin said an agreement had yet to be reached.
“ Our delegation is putting in colossal trouble,” Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said. “ Our delegation. is ready to work around the timepiece — but unfortunately we do n’t see similar zeal from the Ukrainian side.”

Russia scraps UN vote
Russia has cancelled a UN Security Council vote on a “ philanthropic” resolution on Ukraine, listed for Friday, due to a lack of support from its closest abettors, diplomats said.

Moscow has failed to secureco-sponsorship of the draft textbook from China and India, suggesting that Beijing and New Delhi would not have supported it, an minister said on Thursday.

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